Featuring over 100 delicious recipes, The Complete Hummus Cookbook is the perfect primer for anyone looking for easy to prepare, healthy food choices.

Protein-rich and vegan-friendly, hummus is one of the healthiest and most nutritious dishes that many people don’t talk more about. The Complete Hummus Cookbook changes that conversation.

With over 100 yummy recipes, this cookbook shows everyone that hummus is not only delicious, but also extremely versatile, low-cholesterol, protein-rich and healthy.

The Complete Hummus Cookbook also provides information on the perfect food to pair hummus with as well as how to make different kinds of hummus with chickpeas, black beans, lentils, edamame and green peas. Yum!



Catherine Gill


Catherine Gill is an artist of 25 years who has participated in Branching Out, a project sponsored by National Geographic involving scientists and artists jointly investigating the forest canopy. Her artwork has been featured in The Artist Magazine, Watercolor Magic, and has been exhibited throughout the world; visit her web site at www.catherinegill.com.

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