How it all started.

It all started with two best friends, a dose of post-partum anxiety and a couple of glasses of wine.

Unwrapped Life came to be when founder Hayley McKenzie was on maternity leave in 2016 after the birth of her first child. She suffered from post-partum anxiety, which manifested as ‘eco-anxiety’ (it’s a thing, look it up!). She became extremely worried about all the disposable plastic we use in our daily lives and what this waste is going to mean for future generations.

After countless hours commiserating with her best friend, and co-founder Arden Teasdale, they decided to do something about it. The two of them started looking for ways to cut single-use plastic out of their lives, but there were so few options: especially for luxury staples like shampoo and conditioner. The girls tried other solid bars on the market but became frustrated as many of them did not work on their long hair. This led them to research and formulate their own solid hair bars, ones that would work amazingly well on all hair types.

They are passionate about spreading eco-awareness and helping others cut down on common single-use items (shampoo really doesn’t need to be in a bottle, you’ll see!), all without compromising style and good hair days!

Ban the bottle.

Plastic waste (often found in packaging) is a BIG problem, and something as consumers, we need to start refusing! Did you know that only 9% of plastics are actually recycled and that over 79% of plastics ever produced are accumulating in landfills and waterways (that should be reason enough, but let’s keep going!) In the US alone, more than 552 million shampoo bottles are estimated to end up in landfills annually.  Make the switch to solid shampoo + conditioner bars; no waste, great hair and no compromises.


Doing it differently.

In every aspect of our business we assess the environmental impact of our decisions, be it ingredients, manufacturing, and even shipping. We don’t accept returns, and here’s why.  The environmental impact of reverse shipping creates over 5 billion pounds of landfill waste annually, and results in 5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions (yes, really!).  We ask that you, our customers, use what you have, buy only what you need and ask lots of questions before making a purchase. Our excessive ‘throw-away’ behaviour is a driving force behind the growing plastic epidemic, and it’s our behaviour towards plastic that needs to change, NOW.



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