Crunchies sources fruit directly from the farmers that grow it. Sun ripened, pure freeze-dried mango slices are a sweet and crunchy treat. One ingredient mango and only 40 calories per serving.

The Mango flavor is my new ultimate favorite~ and have totally raised the bar on crispy, crunchy, and DELICIOUS snacks!




Crunchies started with the innovative idea of bringing freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snacks to the market. Using our global capabilities at Chaucer, the freeze-dried category leader, we produced a simple snack with a simple idea: Better-for-you snacking that focuses on quality, traceability, and texture.

Our global supply chain and vertical manufacturing process means we control our products from farm to table. So what does this mean for you? You know where your food comes from, and you know exactly what’s in it.

Being a part of the Chaucer Foods family means we will continue to expand the snack category with new and exciting ideas that go back to our roots. To learn more about Chaucer, and what makes us different from other freeze-dried brands, click HERE.

Our goal… To give you delicious, convenient, satisfying snacks unlike anything you have ever tasted! We give you a crunch in every bite to take your snacking to a new level.


Knowing where your food comes from matters.








When most people hear, “Morocco”, they think “Casablanca” and not strawberries. But, surprise, this small African country on the Atlantic Ocean is a major provider of strawberries. Its unique geography makes for high quality, flavorful berries.

For certain months of the year, Crunchies sources its delicious strawberries from the Loukkos River Valley in Morocco. The Loukkos River originates in the Rif Mountains and flows into the Atlantic. The Loukkos River basin is one of the most fertile and productive agricultural lands in the country, producing some of the best quality fruit in the world.

When most people hear “Morocco”, they think “Casablanca” and not strawberries.


We searched the globe for the best-tasting apples and found them right here in the state of Washington. Apples are harvested each year between August and November at the peak of their ripeness. Advanced storage technologies make it so that the apples are fresh and available year round.

Our favorite apples are Gala, Fuji, and Granny Smith and you’ll find a variety of them in your bag depending on the season. Because apples contain natural sugars, called fructose, they are always sweet when Freeze-dried, making them the perfect snack with no additives.

Quality is important when choosing a region, that’s why our Apples are grown right here in the U.S.


Of all the fruits that Colombia offers, perhaps none plays such a part in the country’s culture and historical development as the banana. In our search from some of the best tasting bananas, we ended up in Colombia, a banana country. Although banana production is year round here, the best bananas are grown during the hot climate, producing sweet and magical flavors.

Banana production in Colombia is not only good for making the best tasting snacks, it’s good for the environment too. Banana growers here recycle almost 800 tons of plastic every year through new production practices and they have created water recycling plants that allow up to a 60% reduction of water consumption on plantations.

Sourcing our bananas from Colombia is just one of the ways that we bring clean and simple ingredients to your table.

Colombian bananas are grown during the hot climate, producing sweet and magical flavors.


Holland is known for its own shade of Blue: Delft Blue. But it is also known for its blueberries. Sweet, plump, and flavorful.

For part of the year, Crunchies imports its blueberries from the Netherlands. Because it sits on – and sometimes in – the cold North Sea, Holland has cool spring time weather. This pushes blueberry season later into the summer. That’s when our farmers harvest these delicious blue gems.

It’s just one more way Crunchies travels the world to bring you the most intensely flavored snacks on Earth.

Holland is known for its own shade of Blue: Delft Blue. But it is also known for its blueberries.


Mangoes are best when they come from a place as robust and flavorful as the fruit itself. The lush tropics of Southeast Asia provides the ideal environment for growing fertile mango trees. That’s why, at Crunchies, we only source our Mango from the jungles of Eastern Thailand.

This region is nestled between the Sankamphaeng Range to the north and the Gulf of Thailand to the south. The geography of the region is characterized by short mountain ranges alternating with small river basins that drain into the Gulf. This tropical region is ideal for producing our sweet, flavorful mango.

So we hope you enjoy our freeze-dried mango snacks. We went halfway around the world to get it.

Mangoes are best when they come from a place as robust and flavorful as the fruit itself.


You won’t find best tasting pineapples on Google Maps. You’ll find them at the end of long dirt roads.

Our pineapples come from the fertile fields of San Carlos in north central Costa Rica. This tropical region reaches north to the border of Nicaragua, east to the province of Heredia, west to the province of Guanacaste, and south into the heights of the Cordillera.

San Carlos is noted as the home of Arenal Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The region’s principal economy is the production of oranges, yuca, pineapple, sugar cane, beef and dairy products.

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