Oh My GOSH~ Our favorite ice cream treat, just got festive, and by festive, I mean…. BEYOND SCRUMPTIOUS! Leave your self control at the door, and come on in.. because there’s no escaping this amazing My/Mo Mochi cool-pepperminty experience! 



Mochi Ice Cream

Deck the halls with balls of My/Mo Cool Peppermint Mochi Ice Cream! A spin on a classic holiday favorite — milky, melty peppermint flavored ice cream sprinkled with crunchy minty bits, all wrapped in chewy, pillowy mochi dough. It’s the wintery blast of peppermint coolness your mouth will crave this holiday season.

About My/Mo

Mochi Ice Cream

Pinch it. Poke it. Squeeze it. Stack ‘em. Roll one to a friend. Sink your teeth in. Wipe the powder from your lips. Feel the sensation changing with every bite. It’s sweet and cool and gooey and great. It’s creamy meets chewy, silky meets soft, delightful meets delectable. It’s a riddle only a tongue can unravel. It’s luscious ice cream wrapped up inside deliciously squishy mochi dough. It’s My/Mo.

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