Taste the wild side

Simple. Sustainable.
Downright Sensational.

Everything we do, and don’t do, at Wild Planet Foods is what makes our premium quality products so naturally delicious and nutritious. Everything from our sumptuous Tuna, mouthwatering Salmon and savory Sardines to our delightfully light White Anchovies and Organic Roasted Chicken Breast. Try them once and you’re hooked forever. We bring goodness to your table in more ways than one — not only through a bounty of freshness and flavor, but by defending, together, the earth we love. That’s what we call good and delicious.


If you’ve tried Wild Planet, you know what we mean.
If you haven’t, it’s time you did.


Food is among the most vital resources we daily obtain from the planet. But great taste is essential to enjoyment — and the health of our food impacts our own. This is why our pledge at Wild Planet is as simple and direct as our ways:

  1. provide the highest quality, premium foods that are delicious and nutritious;
  2. produce them in the most sustainable, earth-friendly ways possible;
  3. protect and enhance their nutritional value

This is The Wild Way.
Sensational flavor, responsible harvesting and fresher, healthier, natural food. Nothing added but the goodness it already has. Isn’t that the whole point to eating?

Here’s just one example of The Wild Way in action:

We source our tuna exclusively from pole and line catch fisheries, never using FAD purse seine or long-line gear. It’s better for the planet and better for your family. Since 2004, in just this fashion, we’ve selected only the finest quality, 100% sustainably caught seafood for all our packaged products, placing human and environmental health as our company’s core priorities. Such uncompromising commitment to sustainability has earned Wild Planet the #1 ranking in Greenpeace’s 2017 review of widely available canned tuna brands. This is the kind of leadership that has always defined Wild Planet.

Read more about our tuna procurement policy here.


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