Exploring New Cooking Techniques To Try At Home

There is a common misconception that Americans prefer to eat out rather than at home. Based on a study that was conducted by the NPD Group, Inc., 82 percent of meals that Americans eat were prepared at home. This is because homeowners are seeing the value of preparing home-cooked meals versus eating outside lately. Those who are just starting to learn how to cook are now enjoying their time in the kitchen as they unlock new skills when preparing meals.

Saute For Quick Meals

Sauteing is a skill that you need to learn as this dry cooking technique releases the flavor of your ingredients. You will cook your dishes in minimal oil, with the ingredients constantly stirred to prevent them from being burning. Sauteing your food in a copper pan is highly recommended as the material helps cook food evenly. This way, you won’t worry about undercooking or overcooking your meal when you serve your dish.

Simmer For Stews and Soups 

For thick stews and soups, another cooking technique that is worth trying out at home is extensive simmering. This is quite different from basic boiling where the liquid simply needs to boil until the meal is cooked. Simmering, on the other hand, is where the liquid is cooked just below its boiling point to thicken and enhance flavor. This method is typically used if you want to make thick soups, stews, or even ethnic dishes, like curry. If you are preparing for a party, this is a good method to try and surprise your friends. Not to mention, simmering your food can take hours, allowing you to have more time for other dishes and preparations.

Roast Pork or Poultry 

Roasting meat or poultry allows the meat to tenderize while the skin becomes crisp and crunchy. A turbo broiler is the perfect equipment for this as the heat circulates throughout the pot instantaneously. What this means is that it will help cook your food from all sides. In addition, roasting usually takes an hour and a half to have a satisfying, hearty meal at home.

With more households turning to home-cooked meals, now’s the time to enhance our cooking techniques for better flavor and results. Experiment with various recipes using these three methods as they will surely impress your friends and family when done right.


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