Discover something delightfully different with Pulparindo Hot and Salted Tamarind Pulp Candy 10 oz. This Latin American taste sensation combines spicy, tart and sweet flavors into a unforgettable flavor. De la Rosa’s Pulparindo candy is one of the most popular varieties of the distinctive snack, featuring real fruit and authentic seasoning. Tangy tamarind paste is blended with zesty chili, lime and salt, for a taste that bites back and lingers on the tongue. Each bag contains 20 pieces of individually-wrapped tamarind candy.

Pulparindo Hot and Salted Tamarind Pulp Candy, 10 oz:

  • Natural
  • With real fruit
  • Spicy and salty with the unmistakable tang of tamarind
  • Tamarind, chili, lime and salt
  • 10 oz
  • 20 pieces of individually-tamarind candy per bag
  • 0.5 oz each

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