What Is


No more storing plastic section plates, washing extra bowls, or having food run together….Stop the “yuck!” and put a smile on the plate.

Just stick a FOOD CUBBY (TM) plate divider onto your clean, flat plate — it suctions to create a wall to keep “runny” food separate from other foods.


It’s Simple & Family Friendly!

Strong Suction

FoodCubby can suction to any flat surface, instantly creating a liquid-free suction seal.

Any Age

FoodCubby can be used by any age for any reason, weather you need help scooping food, hate your food touching, or portion control.


    Each pack is inspected after made, and are all made from BPA-FREE food grade silicone making it safe for everyone.

  • Two Sizes

    Every pack comes with two sizes so that there is no issues fitting on both your smaller and bigger plates.


Make Meal Time Easier

BPA-FREE/Food safe silicone. Whether you want to keep your food from touching or you simply need assistance scooping your food onto your utensils, FoodCubby is the product for you!


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