Building Flavors From The Ground Up

Delicious doesn’t happen by accident. You have to imagine it, work for it, and test it until you’ve found the right balance of ingredients. At American Flatbread, we treat our fresh, whole ingredients from New England like the stars they are, and use them to create our own unique flavors. The result is pizza that blows your expectations completely out of the frozen food aisle.

The ‘restaurant quality cuisine at home’ bar has just been raised! American Flatbread will have you feeling like you’re at a five star restaurant with each bite! Quick , easy, and delicious.. I will never be without these in my freezer, ready to go!



Few things are as warm, inviting, or satisfying as a good piece of pizza. Over the years, we’ve challenged ourselves to create new and exciting flavor combinations for our pies, without compromising the freshest ingredients. No matter which variety of ours you choose — from Uncured Pepperoni and Bacon to gluten-free or vegan/dairy free— by the end of your meal, you feel like you just had pizza done right. Enjoy!

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The best case scenario is to have thirty minutes or so to thaw your frozen American Flatbread before you cook it. If you don’t have that much time, just take your American Flatbread out of the freezer, remove it from the box, and let your flatbread rest on the kitchen counter or some other flat surface (not on a hot surface) for as long as you can while you preheat your baking device. Baking devices recommended:

Conventional Ovens:Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Remove Flatbread from box. Remove Flatbread from plastic bag. Place thawed Flatbread directly on your oven rack. Bake 3-6 minutes. The crust should be just lightly crisp to the touch. (The trick is not to overheat. It will make your Flatbread dry.) Remove from oven, slice, and enjoy.


ownerBrad Sterl, Owner

“Authentic flavor doesn’t come from taking shortcuts.”

When he’s not covered in flour, you’ll find owner Brad Sterl, strolling through farmers’ markets, visiting local growers, and creating new recipes for American Flatbread pizza. Building on the brand’s roots, Brad continues to take these wonderful organic ingredients and purposefully blend them in interesting ways to create new and exciting flavor profiles.

“Whether I’m in my kitchen at home or in the bakery, you’ll always find me working with fresh, all natural ingredients. That’s what it’s all about”

“Whether I’m in my kitchen at home or in the bakery, you’ll always find me working with fresh, all natural ingredients. That’s what it’s all about – vine-ripened tomatoes, whole grain flour and extra virgin olive oil,” says Brad. “Authentic flavor doesn’t come from taking shortcuts.” Still to this day, even something as straightforward as a cheese pizza from American Flatbread wouldn’t taste like a cheese pizza from anywhere else.

When you make a quality product, word gets around. Sure American Flatbread has grown over the years — in size, employees, and flavors — but we’ve never forgotten where we came from. That’s because we never left. We still talk with neighborhood vendors about the freshest herbs, produce, and meats in order to source the freshest, cleanest ingredients. Most importantly, we still have real people making our real food. That means forming the dough by hand from 100% organically grown wheat from farmers we trust, pulling pies out of our wood-fired ovens with battle-tested peels, and adding just the right amount of maple syrup to our homemade sauce. It’s this personal, human touch that makes our pizzas and Frustas so special.

Happily and proudly, in today’s world of too fast and mass-produced everything, we choose to take the slower hand crafted path.


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