Clorox Scrubmate is a brand new kitchen scrubbing tool designed to make doing the dishes AND cleaning the kitchen as simple as possible. With families spending more time at home than ever, which of course means more cooking and more time spent in the kitchen than ever, it’s a great time- and energy-saver.

Clorox Scrubmate is a disposable scrubbing pad made with polypropylene fibers and powerful bleach-free soap built in. It includes an innovative adaptor that serves as a comfortable handle for scrubbing by hand, but also attaches to all leading brands of power scrubbers. It’s safe to use on glass dishware and metal cookware (including non-stick pans), as well as granite and marble countertops, tile, grout and more. Scrubmate pads are reusable, meaning you can use them for one stubborn pan, a sink-full of dishes, or a complete kitchen scrub down. When the soap stops lathering, the pad is easily ejected into the garbage with a hands-free click of a button.


Clorox Scrubmate – The Ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Tool

Clorox Scrubmate is a new, disposable soap-filled kitchen scrubber that takes the elbow grease out of cleaning tough kitchen messes. Featuring scrubbing fibers and powerful soap built in, the Scrubmate pad easily cleans dishes and pans covered in baked-on food, as well as greasy countertop and appliance spills. The innovative adaptor cap allows for comfortable scrubbing by hand or easy attachment to all leading power scrubbers. When the mess is gone, the pad ejects into the garbage for quick, hands-free disposal.

  • Clorox Scrubmate is a disposable kitchen cleaning pad featuring polypropylene scrubbing fibers and powerful, bleach-free soap with a fresh citrus scent.
  • Safe to use on glass dishware, metal cookware – including non-stick pots and pans, granite* and marble counters, tile, grout, wood** and more, it is the ultimate kitchen cleaning tool.
  • For use as a hand-held scrubber, Clorox Scrubmate pads easily snap into the durable adaptor, which includes an ergonomic cap to create a comfortable handle.
  • Clorox Scrubmate is the only soap-filled scrubbing pad on the market designed for use with power scrubbers. To use with power scrubbers, the cap is removed from the adaptor, which then easily connects with the Clorox Scrubtastic, Clorox Scrubtastic Max, and most power scrubber brands.
  • Clorox Scrubmate pads are reusable, allowing them to tackle one stubborn pan, a sink-full of dishes or a complete kitchen scrub down. When the soap stops lathering, the pad is easily ejected into the garbage with a simple click, leaving hands free of germs.

Retailer availability: Clorox Scrubmate scrubbing pads and adaptor are available from Amazon and in various pack sizes. Clorox Scrubmate pads are also available for Bath & Tile.

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