Gluten Free


No Fillers

No Preservatives


No Artificial FlavorsThis beautifully designed, sustainable keepsake bamboo box comes with three spice blends accompanied by three delicious, healthy recipes, an olive wood spoon, and various loose organic spices.


The Edible Playlist pairs 100% USDA organicspice blends with an eclectic mix of music. The flavorful, fresh, and organic ingredients in each spice blend will turn up the volume on your next meal.


Sway to the rhythms of the recipes in this hearty spice box for poultry lovers. While My Za’atar Gently Weeps is nutty with hints of lemony tang and perfect for chicken, lamb, roasted vegetables and stews. Seasoning Beneath my Wings is an herb-based poultry spice that’s perfect for all your healthy creations and the Lavender Fields Forever sea salt is the perfect accompaniment to chocolate desserts, ice cream and so much more.


Choose your three spices and get your spice groove on today!


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