Milo’s Tea Company is a family-owned business. The Carlton family proudly carries on the tradition of uncompromising quality and commitment to its customers established by its founders, Milo and Bea Carlton, in 1946.


Every day, Milo’s is fresh brewed from real tea leaves. Our custom blend is sustainably sourced from tea farms around the globe to ensure a quality difference you can taste.

Milo’s beverages are different because they do not contain preservatives, additives, or chemicals. In fact, since 1946, our Famous Sweet Tea has been fresh brewed daily with just 3 simple ingredients: real brewed tea, purified water and pure cane sugar.

We have launched many new beverages over the years, but our commitment to using real ingredients, easily found in your kitchen, has not changed. Milo’s tastes like homemade because it’s brewed like you do at home.

Tea is a natural source of the antioxidant polyphenol, which is widely known to combat cell damage. Since Milo’s teas are fresh brewed, the antioxidant levels in our teas are 89mg or higher per serving.



Milo’s Famous

Sweet Tea

The original sweet tea that made Milo’s famous. It’s made with 3 simple ingredients: filtered water, pure cane sugar, and fresh brewed tea just like homemade. Drink Milo’s and you will Taste the Difference!



We are committed to products that are Better For You. That means we offer Low or Zero Calorie beverage options in all markets. We also consistently work to provide transparent nutrition information and real, natural ingredients so our fans can choose the calorie content that is right for them.



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