Now is the time for kids to make EVERYTHING from scratch. This is the third book in the NY Times Bestselling Cookbook series for Young Chefs and will inspire kids to make everything from ketchup to crackers… themselves.


Ever wondered how ketchup is made? How do you bake the most-awesome-ever cheese crackers (fish-shaped, of course)? Can you really make homemade butter in 10 minutes? The third title in this bestselling series of complete cookbooks for young chefs goes back to basics to make many of today’s store-bought staples better from scratch. Easy recipes ranging from pancake mix to homemade Sriracha sauce will make kids kitchen heroes, one DIY project at a time.

The ultimate do-it-yourself cookbook for kids. Don’t buy it at the store. Make it yourself!

Cooking is cool. Baking is awesome. But this book brings something even better to the table: recipes to make your favorite store-bought items–from ketchup to sprinkles to pancake mix–FROM SCRATCH! These recipes are perfect for everything from a weekend project with your family to an after-school snack to homemade gifts for the holidays.

This book, like our first two books for kids ages 8 to 13–The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs and The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs (both New York Times bestsellers!)–is kid tested and kid approved.


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