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Veggies Made Great Debuts New Frittatas made with Beyond Meat! 

Available in Safeway (East), Kings, Harris Teeter and Big-Y starting October 2020 

RAHWAY, NJ (October,2020) – Veggies Made Great is on a mission to create the highest quality, remarkably delicious and nutritionally smart, veggie-rich foods that are ready to eat and available everywhere.  The company has partnered with Beyond Meat®, the leader in plant-based proteins, to deliver a new Veggies Made Great Frittata Line made with Beyond Meat®. Beyond Meat is on a mission to create The Future of Protein® – delicious, plant-based burgers, beef, sausage, crumbles, and more.  By shifting from animal meat to plant-based meat, Beyond Meat addresses four growing global issues: human health, climate change, constraints on natural resources, and animal welfare. This marks the first ever plantbased partnership for Veggies Made Great, a collaboration that brings together the future of plant protein: plant-based meat alternatives and veggie-pack, plant-based products.  

The new Veggies Made Great Frittatas made with Beyond Meat® includes two exciting flavors: 

·        Veggies Made Great Sausage & Pepper Frittata made with Beyond Meat®  

·        Veggies Made Great Sausage, Egg & Cheese Frittata made with Beyond Meat®  

The new Veggies Made Great Frittatas made with Beyond Meat® will be available in both Safeway (East), Kings, Harris Teeter and Big-Y starting October 2020. The Frittatas will be sold as a 6 pack, individually wrapped 2 oz/unit, with a SRP of $5.99. Like all Veggies Made Great, the new Veggies Made Great Frittatas with Beyond Meat® is also available for online purchase at The Frittatas join an already existing line up of Veggies Made Great Muffins, Veggie Cakes and Frittatas available at these retailers.  

The new Frittatas, made with Beyond Meat, join the wildly popular Frittata line that launched in 2018. Veggies Made Great is excited to add plant-based meats to their already plant-based and veggie-rich product line. Like all Veggies Made Great products, the new Frittata flavors have veggies as the first ingredient, are gluten free, 90 calories or less and 5 grams of protein or more, making them a perfect start to your morning.  

The partnership between Veggies Made Great and Beyond Meat is a unique example of food innovation, where plant-based culinary and plant-based science finally meet. According to a report published by the CDC, only 1 in 10 Americans eating their daily recommended amount of veggies*, the new Veggies Made Great Frittatas made with Beyond Meat®, make it easy for people and their families to find new and delicious ways to eat more veggies. By shifting from animal to plant-based proteins and eating foods that are veggie-rich, the innovation of these new plant-forward products will be essential in the evolution of a better future for our planet and its people.  

“This marks the first ever Veggies Made Great partnership, a collaboration that brings together the future of plant-based: plant-based meat alternatives and veggie-pack, plant-based products” says Elliot Huss, CEO of Veggies Made Great. “The products we created with Beyond Meat® are so unique in plant-based foods; both brands believe this is a step towards an evolution of a better-for-you planet and its people. These new Frittatas make it easy for consumers and their families to find new and delicious ways to eat more veggies, consume more protein and help address some of the global health and climate issues we see today.” 

“Partnering with Veggies Made Great is another impactful way we can increase offerings for those looking to introduce plant-based protein into their diets,” said Tim Smith, Beyond Meat’s VP of North America Sales, Foodservice. “We’re delighted to work with a partner who shares our mission of creating delicious food that’s better for you and the planet.”      

Veggies Made Great believes the most significant way to improve health in this country is to increase consumption of veggies. The health-food company creatively combines clean and simple ingredients to create a remarkably delicious line of veggie-rich prepared foods for everyday snacks and meals. The product line is allergy-friendly, free from gluten, soy, peanuts and tree nuts, with many dairy free options and always uses veggies as the first and primary ingredient in every product.   

The other amazingly convenient and frozen line of products include: Veggies Made Great Muffins available in Blueberry Oat, Double Chocolate, Banana Chocolate Chip and the new Apple Cinnamon; Veggies Made Great Veggie Cakes in Superfood, Broccoli Cheddar and Butternut Squash; and Veggies Made Great Frittatas in Spinach Egg White; Veggie Bacon &  Potato; and Mushroom & 3 Cheese Egg White. 

All Veggies Made Great products are loaded with nutrient-rich veggies and use vegetables as the first ingredient; whether the vegetables are used to moisten and sweeten, like the zucchini and carrots in the Muffins, or the highlight of the product, like kale, carrots and cauliflower, in the Superfood Veggie Cakes. The products are manufactured in a gluten free, peanut free, tree nut free, soy-free facility and every product in the Veggies Made Great lines up makes plant-based solutions easier for every consumer, during any occasion. 

Since 2008, Veggies Made Great has been an industry groundbreaker for frozen and refrigerated foods. Over the years, retailers have responded favorably to Veggies Made Great’s products leading to tremendous distribution gains with programs already in place in key retailers like Costco, Walmart, Kroger, Target, ShopRite, Publix, Stop & Shop, Giant, Meijer, HEB, Ralph’s, Fry’s, and Harris Teeter.  

Over the course of their 10-year history, Veggies Made Great has had to pivot and make significant changes to their product line in order to actively deliver on their mission: remarkably delicious veggie-rich foods. By evolving the product offerings to include more familiar flavors, more veggies, and, importantly, portable formats, they have reshaped the company portfolio to include hand-held product lines that have three times the velocity of their original product line. 

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Veggies Made Great 

Veggies Made Great ® is a New Classic Cooking, LLC brand based in Avenel and Rahway, New Jersey. Since 2008, Veggies Made Great has raised the bar in healthy foods by delivering surprisingly delicious veggie-rich foods. Veggies Made Great is the recipient of numerous awards, including; Women’s Health Top Health Picks; Cooking Light - The Healthiest Frozen Foods in the Supermarket: Breakfast; Grocery Headquarters Trailblazer Award; Parents Magazine 25 Best Frozen Food for Families; Gluten Free Digest Chocolate Muffins; 2015 Pioneers of Better For You: Refrigerated and Frozen Foods, and Runner’s World Editor’s Pick. 

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Double Chocolate


Veggies made great! You’ll never believe the first two ingredients in our Double Chocolate Muffins are zucchini and carrots! Heat in the microwave to enjoy a decadent lava cake experience for only 110 calories.

Deliciously moist and a good source of fiber. 

Allergy-friendly! Gluten Free, Soy Free, Peanut & Tree Nut Free

5 Weight Watcher Smart Points

Now available at Walmart!

Our Double Chocolate Muffins won Gold in the delicious living 2020 Best Bite Awards!

The Best Bite Awards are given to products that display integrity, inspiration, and innovation for good within the natural product industry, distrupting the status quo and working to provide better health for more people. These awards are recognized as a symbol of excellence among consumers, influencers, industry peers, media, buyers, retailers, suppliers, and health practitioners.


Our mission is to inspire people to love eating veggies by creating the highest quality, remarkably delicious and nutritionally smart, veggie-rich foods that are ready to eat and available everywhere.


At Veggies Made Great, our mission is to get America Hooked on Veggies. Why? Because only 1 in 10 Americans eat the daily recommended amount of veggies. Fad diets come and go, and health advice changes over time, but there is one health message that has never changed: Eat your vegetables.

Vegetables are the first and primary ingredient in every Veggies Made Great product.  Whether the vegetables that make up the product are hidden, like zucchini and carrots in our Double Chocolate Muffins, or the highlight of the product like kale and cauliflower in our Superfood Veggie Cakes, Veggies Made Great makes eating your veggies delicious.

A lot has changed since our inception in 2009. One of the more recent changes, is the evolution of our brand name from Garden Lites to Veggies Made Great®. We believe that “Veggies Made Great” is a much stronger articulation of who we are and what we do.

Our products meet the growing consumer demand for healthy plant-based food, having vegetables as the first and primary ingredient. All items are gluten-free, nut-free, and remarkably delicious. Our products have the added benefit of high protein,  are made with only clean and simple ingredients and are nutritionally smart (low in fat, calories, sugar and salt.) All of which makes them a great handheld snack or on-the-go meal. Find our items in the freezer section of your local grocer!

We are committed to helping you and your family find new and delicious ways to eat more veggies.

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