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We are the producer of the world’s most prized teas

Only the highest quality teas from the best terroir of China is offered


Every Spring, we head to the deepest mountains in China to eat, sleep and work alongside the heritage farmers to produce the world’s most prized teas. We walk an untrodden path to preserve a 2000-year old art that is the epic romance between man and nature.



We commission all of our teas in the most conservative fashion to bring discerning connoisseurs the utmost traditional essence of historical teas.  Every tea in our selection is harvested for only 10 to 15 days a year from renowned tea mountains that were hailed by emperors and artists alike.

We have exclusive rights to some of the rarest teas and carry teas from all six categories – Green, Yellow, White, Wu Long, Red and Black – as well as the sub-categories that include Cliff Tea, Dan Cong, and Pu Er.  Every bud and leaf is handpicked and handcrafted meticulously with time perfected artisanship.  Each batch cannot be recreated just as nature cannot be duplicated.

TERROIR – Soil and Climate

Tea is a Product of Location. Since no two places are the same, authentic tea must be grown in the region historically known for producing the specific variety of tea.

VARIETAL – Plant and Provenance

Indigenous or heirloom varietals are required to produce the authentic tea. The age of the tea tree matters, a lot.

CRAFT – Harvesting and Processing

Tea harvesting and processing techniques are the result of centuries of refinement. Authentic tea must be harvested at the appropriate time and handcrafted with utmost care.

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To uphold the highest standard of tea, we currently only commission historically famous and historic teas that meet all three criteria for authenticity – terroir, varietal and craft.  We do not offer in-style teas or teas from secondary terroir or plantations.  Our Shi Feng Long Jing is THE Shi Feng Long Jing, not a tea in Long Jing style. We do not have teas such as An Ji Bai Cha, Moonlight White or Jin Jun Mei.


Many of China’s green teas and yellow teas fall in this category.  These are teas that have rigorous standards and specifications set around terroir, varietal and craft, not by connoisseurs of this generation, but generations before us.  These teas are the legacy from a time where finer things in life are appreciated and demanded.  Each of these historically famous teas represent the pinnacle of a tea style that have many tawdry replicas nowadays.  An authentic cup of historically famous tea is a timeless treat.


Many of China’s black teas fall in this category, as well as the popular Pu Er teas nowadays. Long story short, these are the mass produced teas in the past, primarily for exportation and trades.  They were not deemed sophisticated enough for the domestic market back in the days.  However, time now grants these teas merits such as very old tea trees, interesting history and traditions.  These teas have larger geographic size for its authentic terroir, absence of requirements of varietals and much rougher processing methods. We are the generation that will refine and standardize specifications for these teas.


Authentic tea is complex. A tea sourced from a historic region does not mean the specific batch is processed traditionally or picked within the desired window or from the desired varietal. Similarly, a tea processed using traditional methods but lacking the correct varietal and terroir does not qualify as authentic tea.

Tea Drunk’s unparalleled expertise allows us to commission and source teas that adhere to the rigorous standards set by a long heritage.  It is our mission to bring the truly finest teas to the world. Through education and access, we aim to nurture a group of connoisseurs to sustain the height of tea human have achieved thus far in history.



In Chinese culture, the term “drunk” doesn’t have a negative connotation.  Instead it is a romantic expression used to describe one’s indulgence in true passion.  For example a poet would describe himself being drunk by starlight, the gaze of a lover, or the intense beauty of the sun setting over a mountain range.  Tea Drunk is a celebration of the epic romance between man and nature.

Tea Drunk is a Certified Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise in New York City.

The tea available through Tea Drunk is truly one of a kind. Like nature cannot recreate itself, no two batches of tea are the same. Some tea leaves are picked from ancient tea trees which are 200-600 years old with the actual harvesting season containing only 10-15 days per year. While more commercial teas are harvested all year long and are finished processing in hours. Every tea is prepared with lots of love and hard work by Shunan Teng who heads to the deepest mountains in China in the Spring Season.
Shunan Teng is the educator for the TED-Ed lesson – The History of Tea and has collaborated with the Metropolitan Museum of Art to execute a temporary Chinese tea house in the museum. She is an avid educator on tea and has spoken on the subject matter at many institutions including Yale University, World Tea Expo, and Stony Brook University.
About Tea Drunk: Based and founded in NYC in 2013, Tea Drunk is on a mission to break all stereotypes in tea and open access in the West to the highest level of Chinese teas. Tea Drunk is the destination for those seeking exceptional tea and tea knowledge. At $369/ ounce, these are not any typical “fine teas”. These are historical teas cared by heritage farmers for generations. Shunan Teng- the founder of Tea Drunk, travels to historic tea mountains in China every year to harvest and make tea alongside the heritage farmers.

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