As the number of vegetarians and the number of Americans who desire to cut meat consumption grows, plant-based interest and enthusiasm is at an all-time high. One could just look at the success of KFC’s and Burger King’s plant-based offerings as an indication of the. Our own internal research from our database of 60,000 home cooks also points to a growing interest of plant-based eating among everyday Americans across the country.


The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook is a new, landmark title from America’s Test Kitchen with 570+ foolproof recipes that are amazingly delicious, good for you and our planet. All the recipes are vegan, but are created with the flexibility to make substitutions and to incorporate dairy-based products and eggs, such as with our tasty Tofu Rancheros with Avocado or our Green Shakshuka. We’ve made it easy for people to find more than 100 quick-cooking recipes throughout the book with our “fast” symbol noted on the recipe pages. And, there are plenty of hands-free recipes, too, tailored to electric pressure-cooker or slow-cooker devices.


This impressive recipe collection provides everything needed to enjoy balanced and flavorful plant-based meals. Introductory resources include tips and tricks for storing ingredients, an in-depth look at plant-based dairy and meat products, and a list of must-have pantry items to boost flavor in your dishes (mushrooms, fermented black beans, seaweed, etc.). If cooks are worried about how to assemble a plant-based meal, we’ve provided a list of our favorite recipe pairings and serving suggestions for inspiration. Throughout the recipes we have included informative sidebars packed with more information on the ingredients, the science behind the recipes, and step-by-step instructions for any needed techniques.

This is a book that makes plant-based eating easier and realistic for everyday Americans.

Plant-based recipes the whole family will love.

The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook is your one-stop guide to preparing delicious plant-based meals. Featuring 570+ plant-based recipes made with vegetables, grains, beans, legumes, plant-based dairy, and plant-based meat products, this cookbook offers delicious meals for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. Enjoy plant-based brunch recipes such as our Tofu Scramble with Bell Pepper, Shallot, and Basil and our Sautéed Grape and Almond Butter Toast; or change up your plant-based dinner rotation with our Almost Hands-Free Mushroom Risotto, Vegetable Paella, and Fideos with Chickpeas. You’ll find plenty of plant-based dessert recipes too, such as Roasted Pears with Dried Apricots and Pistachios, No-Bake Cherry-Almond Crisp, and Strawberry Shortcakes with Coconut Whipped Cream.

Recipe variations give you the freedom to use regular dairy products and eggs where you choose and helpful sidebars give you tips, tricks, and insights into the recipes. You’ll find in-depth information on plant-based meat and plant-based dairy products (we even share our top-rated products that worked best in the recipes). Whether you’re following a plant-based diet due to moral, environmental, or dietary reasons (or if you’re a casual vegan), this cookbook has the recipes and resources you need to prepare delicious, satisfying, and nutritious plant-based meals with confidence.


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