Mighty Sesame introduces a new twist on its classic tahini – Harissa Tahini in a squeeze and serve bottle. Harissa paste is a blend of roasted hot red peppers with other spices and herbs to provide a bit of heat and extra zip to any recipe. Subtle Spice Harissa Tahini Dip pairs perfectly with falafel and pita.


Whole seed tahini mixed with Harissa Spice.

Spicy , Squeezable and Ready!
 Nutrient-dense Tahini brought to you by the expert in Sesame Seeds to deliver superior flavor, quality, and convenience. Mighty Sesame Harissa Squeeze & Serve Tahini is a great source of protein and has 260mg of calcium in one serving.

Ready to use; all you need to do is give our Tahini a mighty shake and then squeeze this creamy sesame seed paste on your all your favorite dishes from veggies and salads to smoothies and hummus, of course.  Our Squeeze & Serve Fine Tahini is so versatile, it’s a Vegan replacement for Mayonnaise!

Super easy to add flavor to any dish with just a squeeze of Mighty Sesame Squeezable Harissa tahini.

Shake things up with tahini.



The Mighty Sesame Brand

While The Mighty Sesame Company is a young one, we’ve got more than 30 years of sesame expertise behind us. Our team has spent their careers grading, tasting, buying and creating with sesame. We’re a more than a little passionate about all things sesame, and the seed itself has taught us that mighty results can grow up from humble beginnings. 

The Mighty Sesame Company

It takes an expert to create a truly premium product. Our ‘sesameliers’ oversee the delicate and complex process of transforming raw, fair-trade sesame seeds into our delicious products. For over 30 years, the process from the seed cultivation to creating our sesame-based foods has been managed with expertise, refined knowledge and innovation. The palate of an experienced sesamilier can recognize the variety, production method, and suggest improvements to a recipe simply by taste. We constantly strive to innovate our process to benefit your superfood experience.

Producing premium sesame is as complex as producing fine wine. Change of seasons, soil types and sesame varieties all greatly affect the nutrient composition, texture and flavour of the mighty seed. We carefully manage the growing and harvesting of our seeds, grinding at a low temp to achieve world class standards. Our care in choosing seed varieties, storage method, screening, meticulous peeling and roasting is combined with our exclusive grinding process and innovative recipes to create a nutritional and flavourful sesame experience of artisanal quality.

We source sesame from the most reputed growing region in the world, Ethiopia, and trade sustainably with producers to ensure fair wages for farmers in a win- win exchange for the world’s mighty finest sesame.


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