The whole family will love light and fluffy gluten-free pancakes made with Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix. With premium ingredients like cultured buttermilk and almond meal, and 8 grams of whole grains per serving, this mix can also be used to make all types of delicious baked goods! Try it yourself to see why Pamela’s is still the #1 gluten-free pancake mix!



  • Makes light and fluffy gluten-free pancakes and waffles
  • Premium ingredients: cultured buttermilk and almond meal
  • 8 grams of whole grains per serving
  • Not just a pancake mix; a versatile must have mix with many uses

Pamela’s Chocolate Brownie Mix creates rich, fudgy gluten-free brownies with added chocolate chunks. Versatile and incredibly easy to make, this mix can also be used to make chocolate waffles and decadent cookies. Sweetened with honey and molasses!



Pamela’s Products was founded by Pamela Giusto-Sorrells in 1988.  Born into a family of bakers, Pamela spent time working in her family’s bakery, packing up soy and rice cookies for customers with special dietary restrictions. Pamela became determined to leverage her culinary skills to make something more delicious and satisfying than the options in the bakery. Her journey to create great-tasting, gluten-free baked goods culminated in the founding of Pamela’s Products.  Today, Pamela’s Products provides gluten-free baking mixes, snacks, cookies, and more.

Pamela’s and Ancient Harvest joined forces on December 31, 2019, uniting two heritage gluten-free brands in a marriage that will help raise the profile of both product lines as well as pave the way for development of innovative new gluten-free foods. You’ll get the same quality and taste you’ve come to expect from Pamela’s and Ancient Harvest, along with the same commitment to providing healthy options for the millions of consumers who need or prefer gluten-free options.

“The gluten-free space has exploded over the years, and the company has grown accordingly,” said Giusto-Sorrells. “Joining forces with Ancient Harvest ensures that our commitment to delivering the best gluten-free foods will continue with a company that has the same values and dedication to quality that have put us on the map.”

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