Sisters since 1988, Belinda and Venise have done nearly everything together, including traveling the winding country road that led from corporate tech jobs in Seattle, to starting families and businesses.

Seeking greener pastures and with hearts set on a slower life of greater intention, Venise and her husband bought the Simple Goodness farm in 2014. In 2016, Belinda began a mobile bar business the Happy Camper Cocktail Company with a farm to bar program. After cajoling Venise to dedicate a few garden rows at the cocktail farm to grow for Happy Camper Cocktails, Belinda and Venise combined talents to bring the garden to the glass tastes beloved by event clients to customers nationwide in 2018.

Today, Simple Goodness Farm is a 10 acre cocktail farm in Buckley, WA where the Simple Goodness Sisters grow  a Happier Hour, with delicious hand crafted, garden to glass simple syrups, shrubs, floral rimmers, and other Simply Good drink accompaniments. Sharing a passion for teaching and bringing gardening and entertaining knowledge and excitement to the next generation, the Sisters enjoy hosting classes, workshops, and farm events.

The mission of Simple Goodness Sisters is to use the best ingredients possible, to make the tastiest drink at home, simply. By harvesting goodness straight from the garden and keeping perservatives and chemicals out of all of the recipes, the Simple Goodness Sisters bring a Happier Hour to you.

A fundamental belief of the Simple Goodness Sisters is that everyday is worth celebrating, and everyone deserves an invite to the party. This is why SGS products are always alcohol free and family friendly, so that you may mix your drinks however you like, for whomever you like.

Simple Goodness Farm:

The Simple Goodness farm was purchased in the Spring of 2013 by Venise and Ross Cunningham. The first fall after they moved in they planted an acre of specialty garlic and thus began their farming adventure. The land that sustains the Simple Goodness Farm is experienced in farming having been a dairy and horse breeding farm in the past. However, both Venise and Ross are first generation farmers learning how to farm by picking the brains of the local farmers and searching Google.

The property consists of ten acres. Five of the acres house and feed the various farm animals that call the farm home including cows, goats, pigs and occasionally a few chickens. The garden acres are devoted to growing specialty herbs and edible flowers that are used in the Simple Goodness Sisters products. The farm uses sustainable practices including using plastic mulch rather than chemicals in the fields.

The farm is in every way a family farm. Venise and Ross live in the 100 year old farmhouse on the farm where they raise their two young children. Belinda and Venise tend to the cocktail garden together, though Venise is the sister getting her hands dirty throughout most of the year. They also host a variety of family and community events throughout the year so that others may also enjoy the simple goodness of farm life. Join the Country Club to hear about events!

Meet the Sisters:

Chief farmer, VP of technology, and resident big picture thinker

Venise Cunningham is co-owner of Simple Goodness Syrups, the owner of Simple Goodness Farm, and a real estate agent specializing in farm properties. ​An active member of the local farm community, Venise supports South Sound farmers with her work with Pierce Country Fresh and sources ingredients from her fellow farm friends and neighbors. Venise’s personal motto is to “feed your dreams, and starve your fears.” Follow Venise and her farm adventures on Instagram @simplegoodnesssisters

Chief foodie, VP of recipe development, and type A list maker

Belinda Kelly is the owner of the Happy Camper Cocktail Company, and co-founder of Simple Goodness Sisters.  She created the Happy Camper Cocktail Company in 2016 with a goal of disrupting the event hospitality industry by crafting authentic cocktails and celebrations. Her company has since won accolades, high profile clients, and national press. Belinda is a busy and well hydrated individual whose personal motto is inspired by her hero Dolly Parton: “find out who you are and do it on purpose.” Follow her on Instagram @happycampercocktails