Located in Central Florida, Southern Caramel is the brainchild of Sarah Smith. She turned her love for making one-of-a-kind handcrafted caramel confections into a small business that now offers a variety of concoctions in unique flavors.  All are made in small batches with quality ingredients. Follow them on Instagram @southern.caramel.

“As one can probably imagine, I’ve tried out lots and lots of caramel. It’s not easy to find one that stands out, one that captures its quality inside every luxurious bite. The smooth decadence of Southern Caramel is unmatched. The flavor and richness melts in your mouth. This caramel is definitely a high end treat.”

Gift box suitable for all occasions!  Excellent choice for weddings, showers, corporate gifts, closing gifts… always makes a wonderful heartfelt Thank You gift for friends, family and coworkers.  Includes: (1) 1 lb. box of Sea Salted Caramel; (1) 1/2 lb. box of Old Fashioned Caramel; (1) 1/4 lb. box of Bourbon Caramel; and (1) 8 oz. jar of Caramel Sauce.


Our founder, Sarah Smith, began making caramel as Christmas gifts for loved ones and co-workers in 2012.  Many people encouraged her to start a business and sell her caramel, which was rapidly growing in popularity with those that had tried it.  At the time, she enjoyed her job in project management and scheduling for the aerospace industry.  While she appreciated the positive feedback she received, she never really considered a life of entrepreneurship.  In 2013, Sarah was expecting a child and had a desire to stay home with her daughter.  Suddenly, the concept of starting a caramel business didn’t seem like such a far-fetched idea and thus, Southern Caramel was born.  Sarah’s business launched with humble beginnings. She made the caramel out of her home kitchen in the evenings, while still working in her aerospace job during the day.  By 2015, she was operating out of a commercial kitchen of a local business that had been kind enough to share its facility with her.  This allowed Southern Caramel to expand into local grocery markets and offer products via the internet.

As business grew and production increased, it was time for a move and some other big changes.  In 2018, Southern Caramel moved into our own dedicated space, spearheaded by Jim DePietro, Sarah’s father and new business partner.  With over 35 years experience in the business world managing billions of dollars worth of contracts, Sarah had convinced him to join her at a pivotal point in the life of Southern Caramel.  As a team, they continue to manage the growth of Southern Caramel and enjoy serving all the customers, vendors, and individuals that they are privileged to work with on a daily basis.

Y’all come back now!!

Sweetest Wishes,

Sarah and Jimi


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