It started with the idea for the TeableSpoon (pictured above). Combine tea- and tablespoon measurements with a stirring spoon for pasta and sauces. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2020 with products already delivered, Sam Wechsler took feedback from backers and evolved not only the TeableSpoon but two new products, too.
CoffeeClip combines a bag clip to seal coffee bean bags (or other bagged goods) with a measuring spoon to scoop, while Spoontula features notched-out tea- and tablespoon measurements in a silicone spatula.

The CoffeeClip conveniently doubles as a coffee scoop to seal and measure your coffee with just one tool. Equipped with one teaspoon and one tablespoon, CoffeeClip is perfect for measuring out your coffee, sugar, or other bagged goods.

The writing for the measurements is not written in ink. It is part of the injection mold and will never fade.

The CoffeeClip fits into most spice jars too!

The CoffeeClip, Spoontula, and TeableSpoon XL6 are three multi-tools with teaspoon and tablespoon measurements incorporated into each product, designed to eliminate the need for extra utensils while cooking.

After a successful campaign with the TeableSpoon XL, we are so excited to bring you the TeableSpoon XL6 with a slimmer, streamlined design.

With the CoffeeClip, Spoontula, and TeableSpoon XL6, you’ll save time cooking, simplify your kitchen, and make cooking a more enjoyable and seamless experience!

“Such cool new kitchen tools~ and tools that I never knew I needed SO badly! These great gadgets not only help in the kitchen, but literally makes cooking more fun…I’ve used them every day!”


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