Finger Licking Dutch Stroopwafels are authentic caramel waffle cookies made in The Netherlands. It’ll get you started for breakfast a midday snack and even for a delightful dessert.

“Where do I begin? I can say so much, yet not much needs to be said, as these incredible Stroopwafles speak for themselves! Decadence meets deliciousness in the best way ever, with each and every tender, tasty, gooey bite!

I literally start dreaming of these when I leave the house in the morning… knowing that when I get home, whatever kind of day I had will be worth it just to experience a hot cup of tea, with these succulent toppers!!”

A Caribbean date leads to Love, that lead to Stroopwafels, we call this…

Finger Licking Dutch is a stroopwafel company started by former NFL player, John Bronson & former Dutch school teacher, Femke Veelenturf. On one of their first dates, Femke gave John a cup of coffee with the famous Dutch stroopwafel on top of the mug. John had never tasted such a delicious cookie before. He was immediately hooked with the taste of the warm caramel surrounded by two crispy wafers. Femke is from The Netherlands where stroopwafels were invented over 200 years ago. John fell in love with the stroopwafels and with Femke. Soon after Finger Licking Dutch was born…

  • Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside.
  • Warm Your Stroopwafel – Place it on top of a hot mug of coffee/tea
  • 140 Calories,11g Sugar, 1g Protein per stroopwafel
  • Eat for breakfast, lunch, dessert or a midday energy snack
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Non-GMO
  • All Ingredients are made in Holland to give you the authentic Dutch taste, that can only be made in The Netherlands.

Finger Licking Dutch Stroopwafels are best with Coffee, Tea, or straight out of the package.
Place your Stroopwafel on top of the coffee/teacup, for a minute or two. The rising steam from the hot coffee/tea warms your waffle and slightly softens the caramel filling inside, releases the aromas of cinnamon and sugar. After a few minutes, you can take a bite from the delicious cookie that on one side will be soft, yummy and melty in the middle, and the other side it will have retained its crispness.


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