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The Amrutini® Collection is the ultimate celebration of skin strength and resilience. In ancient Indian mythology, amrut (nectar) promises immortality. In modern Manhattan, a well-made martini is the perfect concoction of exceptional ingredients. And, Amrutini® is a portmanteau of the two.

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Amrutini® Precious Potion

Vital Cream


Featuring a powerful alchemy of clean ingredients (including protein-rich Liquefied Muga Silk and Copper) with strengthening, healing and regenerative properties. A dab of our Precious Potion, used regularly, will leave your skin feeling stronger, suppler, and rejuvenated.

We invite you to experience an evolution – from your first touch to a crafted sensorial epiphany for the mind, body and soul.

“What do you get when you combine luxury with quality, and beautifully wrap it all up in the best, most supple creams ever? You get Love, Ingus! These products have raised the bar in the luxurious beauty industry, and it sits at the top!

I have a new favorite way to pamper myself.. Love, Indus is the Rolls Royce of self-care products!”


You will see. The love is undeniable.

Dear You

It’s time we connected.

Let us tell you a story. Of emotions and potions, of dreams and drama, of everything we are, and everything we want to be.

Let us take you on a journey. Of East and West, of heart and soul, of confluence and contrasts.

Let us craft for you. Powerful formulas that fuse precious ingredients and regional customs from the Indian subcontinent with the precision of New York’s technology.

That’s Love, Indus. From us, to you.

India Post

A brand with a vision,

to apply cutting edge technology to revive and revitalize hyper-local, precious ingredients and practices from the Indian subcontinent, some lost, some forgotten and some that are yet to be discovered and harnessed outside their regional bastions.

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Love, Indus’ product offerings are precisely curated concoctions made of potent ingredients and minerals found across the region such as
antioxidant-rich, single estate tea from Darjeeling and golden mustard blossoms from Punjab.

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Breakthroughs come from reimagining the possibilities.

Through her experience of working in product innovation across Asia, Europe and the US, our founder, Surbhee Grover, learned that breakthroughs come from re-imagining the possibilities.

With a vision to leverage, innovate and enhance subcontinental ingredients and rich customs, she worked with renowned beauty practitioners in New York to craft these elements into her very own set of offerings.

Let the confluence of this undeniable wisdom and intense alchemy transform you.

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What Sets Us Apart

Precious Extracts

Proven Potency

Precision in Creation

Practitioners that Know their Craft

Pertinent Products


Free from artificial fragrances and colors

Clean and Toxic-free*
Crafted without parabens, phthalates, sulfates & formaldehyde
Dermatologist & Allergy test
Not tested on animals

*Per the California Toxic-free Cosmetics Act.

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Powerful formulas that fuse precious ingredients and regional customs from the Indian subcontinent with the precision of New York’s technology.





The Magnificence of Muga Silk – The Ancient Silk of Assam

A fabric that generally outlives its wearer, Muga silk, featured in our Amrutini® collection, is known for its incredible strength and durability.

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