Meat District’s Paddy’s Corned Beef is the perfect way to celebrate saving you prep time and giving you more time to throw down Irish-style with friends and family with it’s ready-to-cook deliciousness – just prepare in the microwave or stovetop and you’re ready to serve with potatoes and cabbages or piled mile high on rye bread with sauerkraut and brown mustard for a Irish twist on the classic Reuben sandwich.
Long a staple of Irish-American St. Patrick’s Day dinners and old-school diners everywhere, uncured corned beef brisket is unanimously a crowd favorite but nobody has time to make it from scratch. Angus beef brisket loves a long, slow cook which gives the meat a soft, tender texture and develops the balanced salty, spiced, and beefy taste. This traditional uncured corned beef is fully cooked, has no added nitrates or nitrites* and is perfectly tender, flavorful and mouthwatering juicy. Serve it with potatoes, cabbage and spicy brown mustard or pile on the sauerkraut and whole grain mustard between two slices of rye. No need to be shy, stack that Rueben mile high. It’s that good.

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