Food Americana: The Remarkable People and Incredible Stories behind America’s Favorite Dishes (Humor, Entertainment, and Pop Culture)

Creating Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and hands-on producing its first eleven seasons gave food journalist David Page an appetite for the world of American food. It is that experience, the discoveries of little-known stories and facts, that led him to dig even deeper and tie the strands together now. Food Americana is an engaging and entertaining combination of food culture and pop culture, nostalgia and the newest food obsessions. 
America is more than just a fast food nation. Food Americana is the inside story of how generations of Americans have formed a national cuisine with tastes from all over the world. Fried chicken was a distinctly southern dish―now it’s the Sunday night special at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Hollywood. A Utah restaurant won Maine’s annual Best Lobster Roll competition. And perhaps the ultimate all-American dish, pizza, is served up in thirty different styles, a total of three billion pies a year, an average of twenty-three pounds for each of us.
In this riveting book, learn more about:
  • How American food has grown and changed over time, such as how lobster and caviar evolved from a plentiful offering in bars to an expensive luxury
  • A growing authenticity movement of people searching for the antecedents of the dishes that have become American staples, from genuine Mexican favorites to Chinese foods that are actually eaten in China
  • The incredible history of American food and culture, drawn almost entirely from the world around us and transformed into something new
If you enjoyed captivating food history books like A History of the World in 6 GlassesOn Food and Cooking, or the classic Salt by Mark Kurlansky, you’ll love Food Americana.
Praises for Food Americana! 
“Terrific food journalism. Page uncovers the untold backstories of American food. A great read.” – George Stephanopoulos, Good Morning AmericaThis Week and ABC News’ Chief Anchor
“Food Americana dives deep into the, history, subculture and popularity of everyone’s favorite foods. It’s an incredible read.” – Tony Gemignani, 13 Time World Pizza Champion
“A delicious swirl of entertaining stories to fulfill any food lover’s appetites.” – Jerry Greenfield, co-founder Ben & Jerry’s
“Every food, regardless of time and place, ingredients or mode of preparation, has a history. David Page offers a breathtaking journey across time. guiding us to the stories behind the foods we eat. ” – Hasia Diner, New York University and author of Hungering for America
“An original gem. David Page has written a humorous cultural history full of deep research, smart anecdotes, novel information and mouth-watering accounts of the origins of our favorite foods. I didn’t know how much love goes into a taco.” – Martin Fletcher, TV Correspondent and National Jewish Book Award-winning author of Promised Land
“Few people think about the background and staying power of the favorite things they eat. David Page brings each food’s history to every bite!” – Marvin Lender, co-founder of Lender’s Frozen Bagels
“In Food Americana, David Page celebrates America’s iconic dishes: what they are, where they came from and where they are going, who loves them and why. It’s a gold mine of information, told not just with facts, but with beguiling anecdotes and good humor. This is a book that shows how deeply and brilliantly (and deliciously) what we eat defines who we are.” – Michael Stern, Roadfood

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