Your new go-to favorite festive goodies have arrived! Pretzelwich NYC goes way beyond traditional party snacks (chip and cupcakes are so old-school!). Bring out an assortment platter of Pretzelwiches and see happiness erupt!
Delicious and memorable, the pretzelwiches are bite-size snacking delicacies made up of two square pretzels, a scrumptious fillings (marshmallow, fudgy brownie, cookie dough, or crispy treat), and hand-dipped toppings with nuts, drizzles, sprinkles, and more. It is the ideal sweet and salty treat. Gluten-free options are also available.

What is a pretzelwich?

Dive into the spectacularly scrumptious world of mini pretzel sandwich snacks, pretzelwiches! Pretzelwiches are bite-size snacking delicacies made up of two square pretzels, a delicious filling, and hand-dipped toppings with nuts, drizzles, sprinkles and more. The perfect sweet and salty combination; these special treats put traditional party snacks to shame and will soon be your go-to favorite festive goodies.
Spring celebrations, Mother’s and Father’s Day, graduations – you name it, Pretzelwich NYC delivers! Not that we need an excuse to enjoy snacking, this mouthwatering brand creates mini pretzel sandwich snacks that are a pure delight. These handmade bite-sized desserts are perfect for a celebratory occasion, a thank you or corporate gift, party favors, or just because.
Created by a mompreneur, her lucky test subjects’ response encouraged her to pursue this business venture, and fans nationwide are SO glad she did! Devour the treats at your leisure and you’ll see how smile-inducing they can be with incredible flavors such as S’moreswich, Strawberrywich, Toffeewich, Browniewish, and more! 

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