Nutpods, one of the fastest-growing brands of plant-based creamers in national retailers and the best-selling brand online, introduces its first-ever naturally sweetened coffee creamers, still with zero sugar per serving. Retail partners Sprouts Farmers Markets and Wegmans will offer the Sweet Crème, French Vanilla, and Cookie Butter creamers in the 25.4oz refrigerated format with additional retailers joining the party later this fall. Sweet Crème, French Vanilla and Caramel will be available online in the 11.2oz shelf-stable format. “We have championed the plant-based, unsweetened category for the past five years and remain dedicated to providing delicious better-for-you options,” says VP of Marketing Patrick Coyle. “The creamer category, even among plant-based brands, is still dominated by sugar-laden products but we knew there had to be a better way to deliver sweetness.” Only 2% of all plant-based creamer products are unsweetened or naturally sweetened, yet most consumers say sugar is by far the #1 ingredient they would like to reduce in their diet. Lower sugar options are now common in many food categories, just not yet in coffee creamers, and most low-sugar products are growing faster than their higher sugar alternatives. nutpods has a history of creating new products based on consumer demand: they released a line of oat-based creamers in 2019 to support requests for nut-free products, and regularly launch special edition flavors such as toasted marshmallow and cotton candy in response to consumer requests. All nutpods products, including the new sweetened line, contain zero grams of sugar per serving, a commitment they made to their customers from day one. “Recently, we have heard from some of our fans who want to move to plant-based creamers but aren’t ready to give up the sweetness in their coffee. Now with our zero-sugar sweetened creamers, we are ready to meet these consumers where they are on their own journey,” says founder & CEO Madeline Haydon.
“While our classic unsweetened products continue to grow tremendously in popularity, our new sweetened line adds even more flavor without the added sugar or calories,” says Haydon. She continues, “We like to say that you can now have your cake and drink it too, with zero sugar and only 5 calories per serving”.  The company has also prioritized minimizing their impact on the environment with their commitment to Plant-Pack® cartons made from up to 95% plant-based materials, decreasing their dependence on petroleum and microplastics. 
nutpods Sweetened 11.2oz shelf-stable products will launch on and Larger-sized 25.4oz products will also launch in mid-May at Sprouts Farmers Markets, Wegmans and other natural retailers. About nutpods

nutpods, founded by first time entrepreneur Madeline Haydon, is an independent, plant-based foods manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington. nutpods is the only plant-based coffee creamer that’s a blend of few simple, yet carefully selected ingredients and zero grams of sugar or carbs per serving. Thanks to its unique blend, nutpods is able to offer coffee enthusiasts a flavorful and comfortingly familiar experience without the need for additives, added sugar or other unnecessary ingredients. nutpods is available at grocery stores near you–in the refrigerated section or the coffee aisle–as well as on Amazon and nutpods, #1 selling brand on Amazon and one of the fastest growing brands of refrigerated plant-based creamers in national retailers, was selected as Amazon’s Small Business of the Year and ranked #13 on the Inc 5000 list in 2019. Visit for more information and follow nutpods on LinkedIn.


The perfect way to try out our new line of sweetened creamers. This deliciously sweet way to clean up your routine adds the smoothness of half and half and the sweetness of sugar with zero grams of sugar and only 5 calories. Finally, a no-sugar creamer that doesn’t require additional sweeteners for the perfect flavor!

Our Story

From an idea in a California diner to a leader in plant-based creamers, the nutpods story shows the power of a great product and a passionate fan base.
MARCH 2013


On vacation, pregnant and frustrated with her non-dairy creamer options at a Lake Tahoe diner, Madeline resolves to commercialize her recipe for nutpods and start a business.


It started with Kickstarter, where Madeline raised $32,000 to start the brand. Side note: Madeline went into labor with her second daughter at the $18,000 mark!


nutpods has expanded into more than 15,000 retail stores across the US and remains the #1 Dairy-Free creamer on Amazon, with over 10,000 5-star reviews. We will continue to bring new flavors and sizes to surprise and delight nutpods fans!

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