Better Rhodes Story

What is Better Rhodes?

Better Rhodes is a place where anyone and everyone trying to find tasty alcohol-free options can come and explore the best that the AF market has to offer.  Here you can find curated selections of spirits, wines, beers, mixers, and alcohol-free soft drinks. We are working constantly to be on top of the amazing new products so our website never gets stagnant!

Adult Beverages

This is a collection of our favorite adult beverages. Not drinking doesn’t mean sipping on tonic water with a lime. These are sophisticated and complex adult beverages for the strong and sophisticated drinker.


The idea of Better Rhodes was rooted in a fairly simple question it seems a lot of people reading this can relate to- where can find, learn and try alcohol free products?

This really came to light for me while on vacation with my family. I was working from a Hermosa Beach coffee shop, procrastinating about whatever I was doing … and knowing I wasn’t drinking but wanted something better than the average alcohol-free beer from the grocery. I didn’t want it to suck! 

I spent the afternoon finding more than I’d hoped for! But to get enough to sample it cost a lot in shipping and quantity, just to try. Minimum orders mixed with approaching expiration dates meant I had months worth of beer with only weeks to drink them. It became clear that trying out alcohol free drinks was time consuming, hard and largely a guessing game. Maybe I wasn’t the only one? It was also great to see that beer isn’t the only category seeing innovation in alcohol-free. Wines, sparkling, spirits, ready to drink and other adult beverage categories were also out there. 

Alcohol is many things but one thing it isn’t is a way to focus and be present. Putting alcohol in a different place in our lives can be empowering. For some this is moderation. Others, it’s a focus on taste or getting that ‘buzz’ from other experiences: running, 420, diet, mindfulness. The roads are yours to choose. Regardless, we are all one community. All Together.

From the range of journeys people may take and with the emerging premium beverages out there, Better Rhodes began…’Better’ in the sense many of us are all striving for improvement and to be the best versions of ourselves. ‘Rhodes’ from its combined meanings: from Old English meaning of ‘clearing in the woods’, and from Greek island home of the mythical Colossus – the statue to Helios, God of the sun.

For me, it’s a journey I’m still on. It’s great to know I’m part of a wider community of people on their own journey and their own stories to tell. Without our incredible team, innovators and trailblazers creating new products each month, and wonderful customers, Better Rhodes wouldn’t exist. So I thank all of you.

I hope you find value in the Better Rhodes message and community.

And thank you for coming along 🙏 !!

Chris Becker, Founder

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