Rooted in tradition, Coyotas, makers of grain-free, vegan, and Paleo tortillas, are garnering much attention this summer with their clean label and just five ingredients. They meet various dietary needs and food allergies and go far beyond that for everyone’s enjoyment! The tortillas are handmade in small batches from cassava flour, which is peeled, dried, and ground yucca root. Combined with wholesome ingredients and free from preservatives, the techniques used have been passed down for generations. These are hands-down the tastiest alternative tortillas on the market today. Available on Amazon

  • HEALTHIER SOLUTION: Our tortillas are gluten free, grain free, non-GMO, vegan friendly, and dairy free. A healthier alternative to the authentic flour tortilla.
  • HANDMADE & WHOLESOME: Made in small batches from cassava flour. Combined with healthier ingredients. Free from preservatives. Mexican food with a California influence.
  • HEALTY & CLASSIC: Use with classic enchiladas, burritos, tostadas, street tacos, soft tacos, roll tacos, quesadillas, flautas, taquitos & more. Paleo friendly.
  • GREAT FOR PARTIES: Enjoy hot on Taco Tuesday, dinner, or your next event. Your guests will love all of the dishes you can make with our tortillas.
  • SUSTAINABLE & CLEAN: We create clean & healthy Mexican food with environmentally friendly packaging.


    COYOTAS is a Tortilla brand that is passionate about growing, learning and improving by connecting and serving our community. We want to serve the best gluten/grain free tortillas staying true to our roots. Janet & Alfredo founded COYOTAS Tortillas in January 2020.

    The main purpose was to create a tortilla that represented the flavor and texture of an authentic wheat flour tortilla from her hometown Sonora, Mexico by practicing the traditional tortilla-making process.

    To make a TRIBUTE to the tortillas and Tortilleras (strong-local women that make tortillas).

    Inspired by lovely California we made a twist to the recipe. We change the traditional wheat flour and the lard for a gluten free/grain free/ vegan and paleo recipe by substituting it with Cassava Flour and Organic Coconut Oil. We strive to make a gluten/grain free handmade tortilla for people with food allergies without sacrificing flavor and texture.

    Even if you are not looking for an alternative tortilla option you are going to love COYOTAS.

    Muchas gracias, felicidad y buenas vibras,



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