“Form meets function meets customization with Your Oil Tools! Enjoy a literal one-stop-shop, for all things organization AND self-care, with a WIDE variety of quality tools that will build an incredibly healthy and relaxed lifestyle!

Browsing through all the amazing products is *almost* just as much fun as receiving them AT YOUR DOOR!”

Create Your Essential Oil Dream Recipes with ‘Your Oil Tools’
A Life-Changing Accident Leads to a Thriving Business
Depositphotos_185132376_xl-2015 (2).pngSteve Kesselring provides the tools that you need to take over your health. His small family-owned company, Your Oil Tools, sells all the components that go with your essential oils. They are the perfect supplier for essential oils businesses. 
Steve knows firsthand the benefits of using essential oils to improve overall well-being. He had a challenging time recovering from a truck fire that left this young man unable to breathe easily and causing chemical burns to his lungs. On 16 medications, he knew he had to try something different. He tossed his medication (against his doctor’s orders) and did just that.
Essential oils proved to be Steve’s magical elixir. Fast forward to today, and Steve is a one-stop-shop for the tools needed to house essential oils. The thriving business has customers in the U.S., Australia, and Canada and soon in the U.K.
painreliefmaketake_1000x1000.jpgEducation is part of the business. The brand offers a publishing company, Aroma Media, for small businesses to help with their label designs and educational materials centered around essential oils, health and wellness, and aromatherapy.
Steve encourages brands to “Make Something Great” with his aromatherapy tools and educational products. He is passionate about supporting essential oil businesses and improving the quality of lives every day.
The collection includes glass and plastic containers, bottles and jars, roller bottle tops, and dropper bottle tops. Everything you need for your favorite essential oil blends, lotions, creams, and sprays is available in this complete collection.
Pipettes, droppers, sprayers, roller tops, and more. Every tool and bottle top you could need for your essential oil collection. Lost a top or want extras? They have plenty in stock.
Essential Oil Bottles can get out of hand and disorganized easily. Organize all of your essential oil bottles and roller bottles by browsing this collection of stylish and well-designed wooden displays, clutch bags, carrying cases, and more for all your essential oil bottle needs.
Essential Oil Diffusers are the best way to experience your favorite aromas. The wide selection of diffusers has you covered, from ultrasonic to evaporative, find the tools to turn any space into an aromatherapy paradise!
For more information, visit https://www.youroiltools.com or contact [email protected].
About Your Oil Tools:
Your Oil Tools is a family-run business selling aromatherapy supplies, including bottles of all shapes and sizes, carrier oils and butters, bottle labels, recipe sheets, diffusers, cases, DIY kits, aroma jewelry, apparel, home products, and more. Follow them on Instagram @youroiltools.​

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