In the modern day, more and more people are choosing an alternative diet – whether that be for ethical or for health reasons. This is important to those people even when it comes to weddings. According to a report from Syracuse University, an average of 400 pounds of garbage is produced by a typical wedding ceremony – most of it food. For modern day couples who are planning to tie the knot, it’s obviously important that their guests’ varied needs are well catered for; one way to achieve this is through the menu on the big day as sustainable as possible.

From farm to table 

There are many ways to make your wedding more sustainable, from using biodegradable invites, napkins and paper, to wearing pre-loved clothes. However, one of the simplest ways to create sustainability is to use catering services which use locally sourced food. Research conducted by Rutgers University shows that using local, farm to table ingredients is highly beneficial for the environment when compared to mass-farmed alternatives. Furthermore, using the farm to table method gives you peace of mind that the food you use is ethically sourced and organic.

Organic produce 

When it comes to animal products, sustainability goes hand in hand with ethical rearing. Ethically sourced animal products are often tastier and they’re better for your health too; research analyzed by FoodPrint shows that pasture fed animal products have indicators of healthy compounds in humans. Emphasizing this on the wedding guest menu can ensure your guests know that they’re eating in a responsible fashion, and one that is good for their health.

Vegetarian options 

The most sustainable and potentially healthy diets are plant-based ones. There are more vegetarian Americans than ever before. As covered by The Vou, as many as 7.3 million Americans are now vegetarian – this is why it’s so important to include a variety of dietary alternatives, such as vegetarian options, into your wedding menu. With ever growing advancements, plant based food is becoming increasingly popular with not only vegetarians but also vegans and even some meat eaters. Having plant based food at your wedding is a great way to ensure that your guests dietary needs are met whilst ensuring sustainability.

With so many options available you’re bound to create a menu that’s full of fresh, tasty food that’s good for you and the environment. That will mean that your big day not only has a lasting impact on you, but the entire planet.

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