GRANDPARENTS’ DAY IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!  Sooo… HAPPY GRANDPARENTS’ DAY.. to all the amazing, 2nd parents who spoil us ROTTEN! WE LOVE YOU!

Do your grandparents like coffee after dinner too?! Makers of the NanoFoamer, your go-to for creating superfine microfoam for your lattes and cappuccinos. Try your hand at becoming a barista that can whip up a beautiful cup just like the pros for at-home enjoyment (with no espresso machine necessary).


Join our community of enthusiasts learning to make latte art at home.


Cafe-quality microfoamed milk is now possible at home! Make your own barista-style cappuccino every day.


Yes! Microfoamed milk has bubbles so small, they become invisible. The milk transforms into a liquid velvet texture. It blends perfectly with the espresso and crema, adding perceived sweetness to the cappuccino or cafe latte.

Microfoam also makes better-looking drinks and is a pleasure to pour. Latte Art requires some practice, but the challenge exciting and the result rewarding.

Compare this with dry foam, which is made with standard milk frothers by merely whisking the milk. The result is runny milk, followed by a blob of stiff froth. This rigid frothy substance never mixes with the espresso, and the flavors stay separated and conflicting.

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