Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 250ml Tin

Select your 250ml tin from:

– Primo: made before the olives begin to ripen, creating a green, robust and peppery oil.
– Early Harvest Press: made when the begin to ripen. Slightly sharp with a golden-green color.
– Signature Estate: made from riper olives, which creates a golden oil with a smooth buttery flavor.
– Lemon: we crush fresh lemons grown on our estate with ripe olives to create a beautifully balanced oil with citrus flavor.
– Chili Pepper: made with Calabrian grown Chili Peppers this oil has a slight kick for those who like a little heat.
– Garlic: with a slight garlic flavor, great for dipping, finishing, marinating or cooking.

Family owned and operated – 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil from our groves in Calabria. These olive oils are made from olives grown, picked, pressed and poured in Italy. How do we know this? We not only own the olive trees, we also own the mill where the olives are pressed and poured into the tins. We never outsource, so we know that our olive oil is 100% Italian, extra virgin and first cold press.

  • 500ml Tin
  • Extra Virgin
  • First Cold Press
  • Variety – Carolea


Adopt Your Own Italian Olive Tree!
Give Straight-From-The-Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil This Holiday
From a family olive grove in Southern Italy comes original gift ideas to delight family and friends this holiday season. TRE OLIVE is a foodie or olive oil connoisseurs’ dream come true. They’ll be obsessed with the subtle flavor and quality added to every dish.

Adopt an olive tree from the TRE OLIVE grove for one year and receive some of the purest, most delicious olive oil produced in Italy. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Master craftsmanship helps to cultivate the olive trees year-round with traditions passed down from generations. The Calabrian grove has produced olive oil since 1934 and is where their grandfather lived until his passing (at age 93!) last year.

In addition to amazing olive oil, the brand offers olive oil-based products. The family owns the tree groves, the mill, and the bottling facility. The oil is produced and packaged in Italy and then shipped to a distribution center in Massachusetts.

The family tradition of high-quality, Italian olive oil is conveniently delivered to your recipient’s doorstep. Imagine their delight in serving olive oil from their own tree from Italy!
  • Adopt an olive tree from the TRE OLIVE grove for one year
  • In return, receive some of the purest, most delicious Olive Oil produced in Italy
  • Receive an adoption certificate, certificate/photo holder, welcome brochure, and three tins of extra virgin olive oil to get you started
  • See a photo of your tree, with all its graceful beauty and naturally imperfect glory
  • Your tree is tagged with your name for the adoption year
  • Enjoy the olive oil from your tree delivered in the Spring
  • Olives from your tree will be pressed, along with olives from neighboring trees (because some trees produce more oil and some produce less, they share the wealth)
Express Adoption (1 shipment) – $79.99
Full Adoption (2 shipments) – $149.99
Premium Adoption (3 shipments) – $199.99

Our Story

Our family has been growing olives and making Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Calabria region of southern Italy for generations.

Our family has been making extra virgin olive oil in the Calabria region of Southern Italy for generations.  In 1934, we opened our first olive mill, and local farmers have entrusted us with their harvest ever since.

The TRE Olive philosophy is simple: work hard, treat our customers like family, and create high quality, great-tasting, extra virgin olive oil from some of the finest hand-picked olives in Italy.

In 1970, members of our family left Italy for Western Massachusetts to accept better opportunities. We made sure to return frequently so that we would stay connected to our family and traditions.  One thing we always brought back from our visits was our family olive oil – the exceptional extra virgin olive oil made from olives grown on our land, picked and pressed by our family.  Made with love, no other olive oil could come close to that amazing taste.

In 2009, during a visit to the family groves, three (TRE) cousins discussed how we could avoid selling our oil to the large companies who often dilute olive oil with lesser-quality oils from around the world. We know the pride we feel when we share our olive oil with others and tell its story – our story.

From this proud tradition, TRE Olive was born.

100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil from olives grown in Italy, picked in Italy, pressed in Italy, and poured in Italy.

We bring our extra virgin olive oil to you direct from our groves in Calabria, Italy – We hope you enjoy.

TRE Olive – taste the difference love makes.

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