Hi, I’m Ella, a health conscious, energetic mother of three with an appetite!! I’m always looking for delicious, satisfying foods packed with real nutrition but without added sugar or processed ingredients. My  are the answer as any part of a meal or snack including breakfast. They are Simple Food with just a few pure ingredients. In November 2015 I made a friend’s Old-World recipe and at once I knew Everyone Needs These! I perused local grocery shelves and found nothing as delicious, versatile and nutritious. So, I began researching the best ingredients, developing branding and found a brilliant baker to help me bring my New World ELLA’S FLATS™ to market.

Enthusiastic reactions from friends, family and then customers showed me I was on the right track, giving me the confidence to throw my energy and passion into launching our new brand. Southwest Florida territory soon grew to include Southeast Florida, New York, California and Online customers from across the country. Retailers shared their infinite wisdom and experience and agree, there is nothing else on the shelves like ELLA’S FLATS™. Our scrumptious crisps enhance the flavor of everything we put on them as crackers, chips and a bread alternative and they’re delicious plain as a crunchy, satisfying snack. Enjoy our Certified Gluten Free, GMO Project Verified, sugar free, grain free, high fiber, low carb, preservative free goodness all day long!


“If you’ve never tried Ella’s Flats, and you think you’ve had amazing crackers.. you were wrong~ These crackers put ALL others to shame, and raise the cracker-bar to unreachable heights. Flavorful, quality, and nutrition, Ella’s Crackers will become a staple in your pantry, and in your life!”




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