JELLY BELLY has a brand new gum bringing the Jelly Belly flavors you love into a long lasting sugar-free gum, available in FOUR iconic Jelly Belly flavors – Very Cherry, Watermelon, Berry Blue and Island Punch!

Jelly Belly Sugar Free Bubble Gum + Island Punch Flavored Chewing Gum + Classic Jelly Bean Flavors + Sugar Free

  • The most iconic and popular Jelly Belly fruit flavors are now available in GUM! Enjoy the sugar free Island Punch flavor to freshen your breath, help with dry mouth, or even substitute it for a sweet mint.
  • Jelly Belly bubble gum sugar free is a great gift for kids, whether it is Easter, stocking stuffer on Christmas, or trick or treat candy on Halloween! Jelly Belly has taken their most popular flavored Jelly Beans to bring you the same great taste in chewing gum.
  • This tray of Jelly Belly Gum is great for baseball theme party supplies, gift or goodie bags, and for everyday fruity bubble gum desires. This tray comes with 12 packs with each piece of gum individually wrapped.
  • Created by Ford Gum, makers of the iconic and vintage candy brand Big League Chew, has partnered with Jelly Belly to create a line of sugar free gum based on the jelly bean maker’s line of candies.
  • Jelly Belly Gum 12 Pack Tray with Ford Gum Authenticity Seal

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