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Crumb Cake of The Month Sale!!!

For the first time ever, we’re offering a special deal on one of our Crumb Cakes of the Month. Get $5 off on our Great Pumpkin Crumb Cake from now until the end of the month!




About Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake Co.

Growing up in Brooklyn during the 1950’s it was a much simpler time, not carefree, just simpler. As kids, we found pleasure in the small things, a “Spaldeen” with a good bounce, a sack of marbles and bottle caps to play “skully”. It was a time when baseball players were guys that lived in your neighborhood and played ball for a job. When sitting on your stoop with friends and family watching the cars go by instead of T.V. was the norm. A time when your telephone number began with a word rather than numbers- “Dickens 5!” Enjoying all the treats your neighborhood had to offer. A good dill pickle, a great knish, Brooklyn pizza… and, oh yes, New York Crumb Cakes.

The “gang” on Clarkson Avenue loved this stuff. It was a special, pure pleasure that the family enjoyed together… especially picking the crumbs off the cake. Over the years, it just seemed like we couldn’t get the same kind of New York crumb cake we had as kids. So at the Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake Company, we set out to fix that. And we did. Our cakes are moist, our crumbs are plump- the combination in our New York crumb cakes is perfection.
With our online crumb cake delivery, we invite you and your family to sit on our “stoop”, grab some crumb cake, relax, enjoy the moment and create your own memories. Connect to a simpler time. A time not without its own issues but a time that a simple bite could make life seem like a piece of cake…



Using a family recipe inspired by 1950’s Brooklyn, and perfected on the east end of Long Island, we promise to deliver you the most delicious crumb cakes on the market. Our cakes are moist, the crumbs are piled on, and we only use high quality, all-natural ingredients.


Don’t miss our famous Crumbkins, one of  a kind miniature crumb cakes – all of the flavor in bite size servings! Each box delivers a dozen crumbkins. Our crumbkins are available in the same classic flavors you love, add a box to your order and enjoy this family favorite!

Who doesn’t love a great crumb cake? Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cakes are the world’s best and make the perfect addition to any holiday table this year.  They are also the perfect gift for neighbors, teachers, friends or the foodie on this year’s list!  Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cakes are available in a variety of unique flavors like Classic, Blueberry, Salted Caramel, Caramel Apple, The Great Pumpkin, Campfire, Carrot Crumb, The Big Apple, Raspberry, Chocolate Coffee.  This bakery even offers a Gluten Free cake. Plus, Clarkson is always working on limited edition and seasonal flavors to share with customers. Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cakes are available as either a traditional cake or in their famous Crumbkins form, which are one-of-a-kind miniature crumb cakes and can be delivered anywhere in the U.S.  Clarkson has changed the crumb cake delivery game. But, don’t take their word for it, try one yourself— your taste buds will thank you as you enjoy some of the best coffee cakes in the world! The company even makes specially decorated holiday boxes for those wanting to give the crumb cakes as gifts.

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