Hand-Baked to Perfection

In tradition with how Jan carefully prepared the first LivBars for her family at home, we continue to hand-bake LivBars in our own dedicated facility.

Hand-Baked to Perfection

Organic & Low Allergen Ingredients

We source the highest quality Certified USDA Organic ingredients. You’ll notice that you can see the ingredients on the label right in the bar – no secrets; all real food! All of our ingredients and bars are free from gluten, soy, dairy, corn, and peanuts.

Our Facility

Just a few minutes from where it all started, our solar powered facility is located in Salem, Oregon. We take the planet into consideration in all parts of creating LivBars, all the way to the wrapper it comes to you in.

Jan’s Story

I originally created these bars for the ones I love, my husband Gabe and my family. Gabe has multiple food allergies and I wanted to make him an on-the-go snack that tasted good and was made with real food.


Then it grew into a movement!


I’m a practicing nutritionist and my clients needed an organic, nutritionally balanced, low allergen bar as well. I take my clients grocery shopping and they were always asking for an alternative to the options in the energy bar aisle.


I’m so thankful to be able to now offer an organic, baked, superfood energy bar in all 50 states. Not only can you taste the LivBar difference, you can feel good about it – we pack every bar in a home compostable wrapper, and LivBars are baked in our own solar powered facility.


We hope you enjoy LivBars as much as our friends and family!


With kindness,

– Jan

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