It is hard to think of the Mediterranean diet as a diet; it’s rooted in pleasure, absent of calorie counting, macro-tracking, or restriction associated with so many diets. It’s about eating delicious food in satisfying, moderate portions in good company and in combination with activity. The Mediterranean way is really a lifestyle, one that keeps its people health in high numbers. Not only is the food wonderful, but doctors and dieticians worldwide consistently prescribe the Mediterranean diet to ward off heart disease, encourage good gut health, promote positive mental health, and even prevent Alzheimer’s and cancer. 
America’s Test Kitchen has just published, More Mediterranean as a follow-up book to its bestselling Complete Mediterranean Book. Set to release in early December, the book has over 225 recipes that are inspired by the countries that rim the Mediterranean sea- with robust histories, diverse cultures and distring cuisines. More Mediterranean can be a valuable resource for you, as folks start to focus on healthy eating in the new year.

Eat the Mediterranean way for life with the companion to the best-selling Complete Mediterranean Cookbook

A highly-anticipated followup to our best-seller, The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook, this book lifts the lid on what ingredients fit into a Mediterranean diet (incorporating foods like salmon and avocado) while showing you top-valued hacks and insight to make flavorful, nourishing eating part of your regular life. Learn how to build vibrant meals around a plant-forward plate inspired by the varied cuisines of the entire Mediterranean Basin. Through this unrestricted take on the Mediterranean diet, you’ll make eating nourishing meals a true joy within your daily routine

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