The new cosmetic accessory every makeup bag needs! Cangaroo Cosmetic Sharpeners is an innovative and effective cosmetic pencil sharpener that provides a better method of avoiding the mess of waxy cosmetic shavings. Each pouch is made of replaceable and disposable natural latex with high-precision molding to maintain proper pencil position to sharpen every pencil evenly, without rough edges and provides a nicely rounded point. It’s perfectly sized to fit anywhere and comes with a custom travel bag so you can take your sharpener with you wherever you go.

If you are looking for an effective cosmetic pencil sharpener, you just found the best one.

Cangaroo Cosmetic Sharpener introduces the only cosmetic pencil sharpener that has a reusable or replaceable shavings pouch. Born out of frustration from the current cosmetic sharpeners in the market that aren’t effective, I was able to come up with an effective and convenient cosmetic pencil sharpener that everyone will love and enjoy.

Using an inferior cosmetic pencil sharpener can cause rough and uneven edges to your cosmetic pencil which ruins your pencil and is rough on your eyes, brows and lips. Cangaroo Cosmetic Sharpener features a superior quality sharpener, with stainless steel blades, which gives your cosmetic pencils a smooth surface with every sharpening. The Cangaroo Cosmetic Sharpener comes with two reusable or replaceable pouches along with a cleaning tool and custom travel bag.

So if you are looking for an effective cosmetic pencil sharpener that provides the ultimate convenience, look no more.

Cangaroo Cosmetic Sharpener is the answer!

Cherie Elliot


Creator and Founder

CANGAROO Cosmetic Sharpener™

Cherie Elliot is the creator and founder of Cangaroo Cosmetic Sharpener. Out of her frustration in using cosmetic pencil sharpeners that are inconvenient and messy to use, Cherie rummaged through her kitchen drawers to find a solution. She stumbled on to the idea of attaching a pouch to her sharpener to collect the cosmetic shavings. True enough, it worked. No more messy shavings which had added to the stress of preparing for the day. With this thought in mind Cherie began enhancing her innovation and after several months of experimenting with a prototype, Cangaroo Cosmetic Sharpener evolved into the finished product it is today.

Cangaroo Cosmetic Sharpener is now an essential cosmetic tool for every individual using cosmetic pencils. So if you are in need of an excellent cosmetic pencil sharpener, there’s only one name to remember- Cangaroo Cosmetic Sharpener!

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