Our organic cherry spread is ready to go inside foldover tarts or atop a nice, juicy spare rib. Versatile, no? Yes. This spread is finished off with Fair-Trade cane sugar and is ready for duty as the perfect condiment.


With a big, juicy flavor, you are not going to miss the cherry-ness in this jar, especially since the main ingredient of this spread is just that. Slightly chunky and a bright, luscious red, it’s the perfect balance of sweet ‘n’ tart right from the start and continues to the last bite.


organic morello cherries

  • organic cane sugarOrganic Cane Sugar

Everyone loves a good, homemade preserve. So do we! Which is why we focused extra hard to perfect our classic Premium Spreads, so they satisfy all your preserve cravings (but with much less sugar, not to mention the most flavorful of fruits. Upgrade!). With organic ingredients and Fair-Trade cane sugar, you’ll be hard pressed to pick just one jar.


“The other side of fear is success.“

—Gerhard Latka, Founder/Owner

Gerhard and Gabi Latka grew up and met in a rural village in Germany. Gerhard’s father owned a food flavor and extraction company where Gerhard absorbed the importance of flavor and high-quality ingredients. After a road-trip through North America, Gerhard fell in love with the sheer beauty of the landscape and returned home with a clear vision. He convinced Gabi that moving to Parry Sound, a small Northern Ontario community, was simply the right thing to do. And that’s how it all started.


The couple take the plunge and buy a former Laundromat for their fruit-filled dream. Everyone pitches in to re-purpose it, including Gabi with a “bun in the oven” (soon to be named Dan).


After one year of hard work (just as they start testing the goods) their one and only kettle explodes.


The fruit spread is born! They push spread-boundaries by sticking to their organic guns. You can see ‘organic’ right there on their first label (even though the FDA didn’t pass regulations until 2000).


The first few years were a struggle, but Gabi and Gerhard had many friends and family for support (the babysitting was welcome). Here’s Oma Latka and Sebastian coming in for a taste test.


Gerhard travels to trade shows to get their fruit spread into as many hands (and mouths!) as possible. Often he had Gabi, Dan, and Sebastian in tow. Notice that the spread already has a new look.


Crofter’s is in full swing and it’s taking all hands on deck. Here those hands are busy stacking pallets. (Perhaps the least-fun job of spread-making.)


The spread gets a new face…or two. Susie and Sally are introduced as Crofters’ first branding effort.


The daring family reinvests the budding profits from their spread and begin expansion efforts.



Bear is born. His expertise and eye for the ripest of berries help the family launch the Superfruit line.


Bear does the trick! Crofter’s receives national recognition in the media as the best spread on the market. This generous (well deserved) attention facilitates more growth.


As a family, the Latkas decide to go all-in. And we mean, all-in. They break ground for a state-of-the-art, sustainability-focused production facility. Bear approves.


With the new building complete in the beginning of 2018 (and doing great things like reducing water consumption by over 85%), the Latkas—Gerhard, Gabi, Dan, Luke, Sebastian (and Bear)—know that the future is rosy. Even though Crofter’s has grown, changed, and improved, they still take joy in being involved in every facet of their spread and are confident they’ll still be at it many, many years from now.






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