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Handmade using certified organic ingredients and local raw honey…our products are kid approved!


About this adventure

Where do I even begin?? 
So cliff notes version of how Erin’s Elderberries, LLC came to be:

An amazing MOPs mom friend of mine, knowing my love for all things community and research said to me one day “hey you need to set up a local Facebook group for Moms to ask questions, find answers, share, and learn all the random things you know”. So after a couple of months of prodding from her…I did. It continues today, anyone is welcome, and its called “Raising Tiny Healthy Humans”. 

One night, when I was making my first Elderberry Syrup batch of the season, I posted in the group “hey, I make this’s what’s in it, my 1.5 year old loves it..anyone want some?”. Well, fast forward 5 months and I was getting text messages from moms I didn’t even know! Saying”hey, I’m friends with so and so, who is friends with so and so who’s kid loves your syrup, can I get some??!!”. 

4 months after that, and I got all of my licenses, inspections and all that required by my state to operate a syrup business and well, now I want to share it with everyone!!

I never planned on going into this type of business, but I can say, its something I put a lot of love into.

Everything I make is in small batches, with as much love and care as possible. I don’t make separate syrup for my family. One jar from the batches I make stays in our family fridge. I spent months researching the best recipe, learning about the individual ingredients and the right measurements of each. When I set out to make the perfect recipe for my family, my toddler was quality control. After some failed attempts, one week he loved one I made, and one night he looked at me and said “Momma I want some yummy syrup. No icecream, just the yummy syrup that goes on top.”. And that friends, is why Erin’s Elderberries is “Elderberry Yummy Syrup”. I will always remember that night, and I wanted to pay tribute to that one mom win!!

The honey I chose took months. I went around talking to as many bee keepers as I could, learning methods and what kinds of questions to ask to find the best and healthiest out there. I came home with 5 different ones, and I let my 2 year old try each one and pick his favorite. I figured if he liked it, as picky as he is, it will be a winner! So that’s the honey I’ve been using ever since! 

Please visit our website: to learn more and find recipes for items you get in the online store!

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To handcraft the highest quality Elderberry and Aronia Syrups on the market and provide them to our community at an affordable price.

We are all family

The same elderberry syrup that goes out my door is the exact same syrup that we eat in our house! And I wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, every single product I make is that way!

Growing up my Momma always taught me to provide the best for your family and your guests, because they are family too. So that is exactly what I do.

I put as much love and care in every batch I make as I did when I first started making this just for us.

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