“Making appointments has NEVER been so pleasing! Thanks to Ivory Paper Co., our crazy schedules have taken on a whole new meaning! What used to be a dreaded long list of mundane to-do’s, has turned into one of the most enjoyable tasks of my day. Everything from the their durable covers to the beautiful design, form has met function and fell in love!”
Ivory Paper Co. was inspired by busy schedules as a goal to help others improve their daily life through organization and prioritization. Named after her daughter, Eleanor Ivory, she wanted to take charge of her life and follow her passions. Through her beautifully designed planners and stationery, she wants others to enjoy those “not so planned” moments. 
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All-In-One Planner

The original best-selling planner with a daily, weekly & monthly view in one planner.

  • The highest rated planner layout

  • Daily planner pages with to-dos & scheduling

  • Weekly planner spread for full weeks planning.

  • Monthly planner pages to keep track of events.

  • Personalize your hard cover.

  • Choose your start date.

Looking for a 12-month planner instead? See the Weekly Planner or the Daily Planner

About Ivory Paper Co

Family owned stationery business – Columbus, OH

Ivory Paper Co was founded by Alitzah Stinson in late 2018. Alitzah has always had a love for stationery and planners but never could find a planner that fit her busy life as a CEO and Influencer. After years of jumping from planner to planner and never being satisfied, Alitzah launched Ivory Paper Co.

Ivory Paper Co is named after Alitzah’s daughter, Eleanor Ivory.  Her goal is to inspire Eleanor to take charge of her life and follow her passions.  Likewise, we hope that our planners and stationery can inspire and aid each of you to plan beautifully while still enjoying those “not so planned” moments.

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Planner - The All-In-One Planner

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