Intensely rich hot chocolate

Delysia Chocolatier’s Golden Dark drinking chocolate is made with high-quality chocolate that is a luxury in itself. This exceptional beverage gets a glittering shot of opulence courtesy of pure gold chocolate that makes this extravagant beverage as dazzling as it is delicious. The Golden Dark drinking chocolate is intensely rich and flavorful, handcrafted using 72 percent bittersweet chocolate with morsels of gold chocolate dotted throughout the mix.

Gold chocolate is the newest couverture on the market, and Delysia Chocolatier was the first to introduce it in solid form to chocolate lovers in the United States in mid-2020. Pale amber in color, Gold chocolate’s natural hue is created from caramelized sugars and caramelized milk fat, providing a unique honeyed chocolate taste.

“Decadence meets delicious with Delysia’s elite, rich, and one of a kind drinking chocolate!

Those chilly winter nights just got an upgrade in the form of the most delectable chocolate drink I’ve EVER had!”

With ingredients this luxurious, drinking chocolate is elevated to a truly sophisticated level of opulent, full-flavored decadence.

Every occasion and every day should be exceptional. At Delysia Chocolatier we use fine chocolates to create experiences. And these experiences are what make every day and any day extraordinary. It is about the way you feel, how you bring friends and family together and the memories you create.

Just like you, we understand the importance of being one of a kind. Our chocolates are just that. They are unique. They are memorable. They are remarkable. Take an ordinary day, add chocolate from Delysia Chocolatier and create an extraordinary experience.

We would love nothing more than to help make any day, any occasion, any moment remarkable for you.


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