Oatmeal Packed with Real Fruits and Veggies…and Deliciousness!
Everyone knows oatmeal is a great way to kick off your morning, but sometimes you want a little more from your oats. Oats in Coats have stepped up their game! With flavors like Berry and Apple, these oats are packed with REAL fruits and veggies, with no added sugars or GMOs. Plus, and they’ve even snuck in some veggies.  How genius is that?! They’re also free from the top 10 allergens, including being gluten-free.  Our 100% whole grain oats are just as easy to prepare as they are fun to eat. Pop your oats into the microwave for a minute, throw them into a smoothie or make overnight oats!  Perfect for busy mornings or as an anytime snack–there are no rules in this breakfast cup! With 5 grams of fiber, Oats in Coats is ideal for the entire family. Just no fighting over the last container! Available in 12-packs and monthly subscriptions! Available at: www.oatsincoats.com and Amazon

At Oats in Coats, we’re all about making breakfast fun for everyone! Our cereals are non-GMO, free from the top 10 allergens and made without any added sugars or artificial ingredients.

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We love to brighten up your mornings.

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Everybody knows oatmeal is the best way to start the day, but with two little kids flexing their independence by turning into picky eaters, our mornings were getting off to a rocky and chaotic start.

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Desperate demands for snack time started at about 8:02am. It was time to reinvent breakfast. Regular oats started to feel just like those pajamas you end up wearing when you work from home, every day.

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So we started dressing up those oats! Before we knew it, those oats had stepped up their game and were wearing some pretty fancy and absurdly decorated coats. The coats were covered with strawberries, there were apples, there were blueberries, a smidgen of cinnamon here and a sliver of sea salt there.

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And as the days went by, the flavors burst, the spoons moved quickly, and the bowls were empty. We took a risk and threw in some vegetables (gasp!), and yet the kids kept asking for seconds.

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We were thrilled and relieved to know that our kids were starting their days happily consuming nourishing and nutritious foods.

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But what really pushed us to bring Oats in Coats to other families was our hope that we can share the joy and the whimsy that these preposterously dressed oats brought into our kitchen. As we slogged through a health scare, adorable babies that refused to sleep, job changes, and a global pandemic, thinking about Oats in Coats made us laugh every single day.

Each morning, Oatis, a particularly affable oat, told us all about his misadventures in the grocery store while we’d been asleep. He told us about how the veggies had gotten wedgies and the meats were ironing their khaki pleats. The baguettes couldn’t be bothered to change out of sweats, even though the fruits were in their very best suits. So we imagined, and we laughed.

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