Oatsome — Did someone say (oat-based) milk?!
Wash all those cookies down with some delicious Oatsome oat milk! Did you know that oats are one of the most sustainable grains on the planet and require 80 percent less water to grow than almonds? Oatsome contains clean ingredients and beneficial nutritionals while tasting a lot like dairy milk. AND, Oatsome is the only oat beverage that is certified Organic, Non-GMO and Gluten-free. In addition to tasting great, Oatsome has amazing capabilities in baking and frothing for a yummy, creamy drink that has won consumers over.

A mission to bring better food to the world

Oatsome oat milk is not only eco-friendly, it’s also non-dairy. It’s so delicious if you saw it on Tinder you’d swipe right.

The process of creating Oatsome oat milk is super sustainable so you can feel good knowing that your new favorite milk not only tastes great but uses less of the earth’s precious resources. 

Oatsome oat milk is brought to you by BetterBody Foods as part of our mission to bring you delicious and natural alternatives to your favorite food and drink. 

The BetterBody Foods story began in a doctor’s office when our founder, Stephen, discovered his blood sugar was on the verge of diabetes. He decided to take control of his health without sacrificing all of life’s flavors.

He traveled the world to find the foods that taste great and make our bodies naturally feel great. Thanks to Stephen’s passion, hundreds of thousands of people are now enjoying the great food our world has to offer through BetterBody Foods’ products.

Today, everyone at BetterBody Foods is passionate about bringing you delicious and nutritious alternatives to your favorite foods. Working from our certified-organic operation in the Rocky Mountains we continue to push the boundaries to bring you amazing healthy food.

And each day begins with a cool glass of Oatsome oat milk…or an Oatsome latte…or Oatsome cappuccino. The options are endless. The taste is unforgettable.



We’re not just non-dairy milk makers, we’re matchmakers. Introducing your perfect milky match – Oatsome organic oat milk. It’s deliciously drinkable, fantastically frothable and without dairy, nuts, added sugars or anything artificial. Sure, you can’t date Oatsome but you can drink it, bake with it and enjoy the taste wherever you use milk.

The Awesome Oats

Oatsome oat milk is BetterBody Foods’ latest testament to bringing you delicious and nutritious alternatives to the food and drink we enjoy regularly.
This eco-friendly non-dairy milk will be your morning coffee’s new best friend.
The process of creating Oatsome oat milk is super sustainable, meaning you can feel great about a milk that not only tastes great, but also uses less of our precious earth’s resources.
Enjoy awesome, wholesome, Oatsome!


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