We believe meals bring people together. They’re an opportunity to laugh, tell stories, and make memories.

Our family’s fondest memories were made in the kitchen.


Saucy Details
A popular flavor in Asian cooking, this Black Pepper sauce complements countless dishes. A smokey, mild, and versatile combination of soy sauce and black pepper, with a hint of garlic, and the sweetness of pure cane sugar makes this sauce a unique palate please-er.

This sauce serves perfectly as a marinade, cooking sauce, stir fry, or dipping sauce.

Perfectly sized bottles mean no waste or storing leftovers. See our favorite recipes for tasty ideas to enjoy with friends and family.

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • No Preservatives
  • No MSG
  • No HIGH Fructose Corn Syrup
  • All Natural Ingredients

Growing up, our Nonni, Elda Abronzino, inspired our passion to create community through gourmet cooking. Her door was always open. Friends, family, and acquaintances stopping by would just drop in and, of course, Nonni Elda would feed them. Everyone knew they could count on a delicious meal and jovial Italian welcome. Food has a way of bringing people together. 


“Nonni always cooked enough food to feed an army. I remember my Nonno would bring home friends after he was done refereeing soccer games, and Nonni would always feed them. No one left hungry after visiting the Abronzino home.”

Brie Blackford, co-owner.


Elda and her husband were hardworking Italian immigrants who never took for granted the opportunities that America afforded them. They instilled in us that, with discipline, you can make a living doing what you love.


“We had a 1950s style kitchen growing up, which inspires our brand today.I would stand on a wooden stool next to the tiled counter. I vividly recall the light green cupboards, a white gas stove, the stainless-steel-trimmed dinette off to the side, and the sound of my mother’s voice coaching me through the steps to bake a cake.”

Aldo Abronzino, co-owner.



Elda and Brie in the kitchen

“Some of my earliest childhood memories are of being in the kitchen with Nonni. Next to a breadboard that pulled out from the counter was a stool from the 1950’s that was the perfect spot for me to watch and learn from Nonni. I sat there and watched as she made everything from her classic Italian sauce to countless chiffon cakes for my Nonno to take to his friends.”

– Brie

Proudly made in the USA

America gave so much to our family, so manufacturing in the USA was not even a question. It feels like a small way to give back. Upon touring different bottling companies, we visited the town of Oneonta, NY. It had a sweet charm and a comfortable feel. A local restaurant owner told us that people were leaving the area because of the lack of jobs. The opportunity to provide jobs to that town led to our partnership with Brooks Bottling Company. The team at Brooks is like family to us. We’re honored to take part in helping their business grow from 10 to 40 employees.

Elda's Kitchen Behind the Scenes

Mouthwatering Moments

Our sauces can absolutely stand alone as a cooking or grilling sauce, but there is so much more you can do with them.

“I give live cooking demonstrations on Facebook and Instagram every Wednesday at 5:30 pm PST to show everyone from experienced chefs to new cooks like my three kids, that Elda’s Kitchen is about innovation, excitement, and having fun in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless as long as you think outside the box and get creative.” 

– Brie


Production at Brooks Bottling Company


Since 1996, we have been involved in sauce making. It started with a partnership with Whole Food’s value-added program. We would make sauces with clean ingredients, and they would implement the marinades into their meat program. We continued to create sauces and work in the meat industry with varying roles.

“Turning the concept into a business inspired by my mother was a dream for me. In 2016, Elda’s Kitchen became a reality.”


Brie Abronzino Pouring Jamaican Jerk Sauce

The Wooden Spoon

Growing up in an Italian family had its moments. The wooden spoon had a dual purpose in the home. Besides stirring up some of the finest pasta sauces we’ve ever tasted, this lightweight cooking utensil was a lasting reminder to run for cover when trouble was brewing. Nonni called it the Miscollino. These funny family memories seemed appropriate to subtly incorporate into our company’s brand.

More than Mealtime

This business has always been about the people. It’s about meeting new people, connecting people, and, most of all, bringing people together. It is our hope that our sauces will help bring people around you together and create lasting memories. Once you enter Elda’s Kitchen, you are no longer just a friend—you are family. Welcome to Elda’s Kitchen, and welcome to the family. Buon appetito!

Aldo Abronzino and Brie Blackford, Owners


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