Healthy dining can always be on the menu with a little help from True Primal. It’s the comfort food we crave as the temps get cooler! True Primal makes deliciously healthy soups that are free from preservatives and artificial flavors. They are gluten-free and paleo-friendly with real, high-quality ingredients. They even make sure all their meat is sourced ethically – all cows are free-range and grass-fed and chickens are pasture-raised. So enjoy it at home or on the go!



True Primal Beef & Vegetable Organic Soup is just the good stuff, with 24 grams of protein per pouch. We pack as much real food as we can into each pouch, so it’s loaded with beef and veggies.

We also add extra beef gelatin to the broth, both for the nutritional value and to enhance the feel of the soup. Gelatin contains collagen, which is one of the materials that make up cartilage and bone. Gelatin is also a rich source of the amino acid glycine, important to many metabolic and healing pathways in the human body.

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Our company was born because we couldn’t find conveniently prepared and packaged meals that were made to the same standards we would cook for ourselves following a primal diet. We needed nutrient-dense, compliant options for times when we didn’t want to, or couldn’t cook. So we set out to create a gluten-free, paleo-friendly line of hearty soups that are nutrient-packed with high quality proteins, and taste like good home cooking. It felt like a win to be able to easily follow the paleo lifestyle and take our soups on the go — whether to the office, on a camping trip, or just over to the couch.

Fundamentally Good Food

ancestral humans. primal diet.

“Primal” means “first” or “fundamental.” Along with “ancestral”, “primal” has become a popular description for living in a way that is alignment with how humans are designed to thrive.

There are other similar terms, such as “paleo diet” or “caveman” dieting. These refer to a more specific time period (the paleolithic era), and can sometimes get caught up in counter-productive arguments over exactly what each tribe of people was doing where and when.

Primal living embraces exercise and stress-reduction along with nutrition to achieve optimal health.

As it refers to foods, “primal” is generally used to refer to all foods that are high in nutrition and are easily digested by most people.


farmer in garden. whole foods.

Unfortunately, artificial additives and extracts (like refined sugar!) have become common in the modern diet. The problems they cause have led many (like us!) to search for alternatives.

The alternative to modern junk is a return to whole natural foods. For example, The Whole30® program is a specific set of rules based on eating only whole real foods. We are not associated with that program, but stick to those rules and only use whole foods.

We aren’t trying to recreate something precisely from history.

We’re all about bringing together nutrient-dense, delicious ingredients, and making them convenient.


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