The Huha Mineral Cheeky is a body-contouring, stay-put underwear made of luxuriously soft TENCEL™ Modal x Micro. Designed to favour your most sensitive regions, this Cheeky cut is ideal for those after a flattering, half-coverage.

The Mineral Cheeky is lined with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers that are unfavourable for bacteria growth and protected with smartcel™ sensitive, a functional fiber using pharma graded zinc oxide. Together, these sustainable, soft fibres keep you fresher, longer.

Breathable and uplifting, you’ll be reaching for the Mineral Cheeky in your underwear drawer first every time.

Huha is on a mission to empower women through healthy undies that are better for our bodies, allowing us to move through our days unencumbered, breathing easy, and feeling secure. 

Not just underwear, undercare.

Our healthy undies feature a full-coverage, seam-free gusset infused with soothing mineral, zinc oxide. Zinc oxide possesses antibacterial and odor-reducing properties to help stop unwanted odor caused by bacteria.


The origins of better undies

Our founder wanted underwear that cared for women better. Sensitive to fabrics and trims, the irritation and discomfort born by unthoughtful underwear was no stranger to her.

This is where Huha began.

From a determination to make the most basic, under-innovated garment bette



How could underwear be made better?

Through turning standards on their head, from design to materials, Huha has found its unique place in the market.

It’s a place that steers away from synthetics and towards designs and materials that are better.

To create underwear that care for you, down there.



Good for you and the planet

TENCEL™ and smartcel™ sensitive are the cornerstone materials that make up every pair of Huha’s.

These tree-derived materials, the latter spun with soothing mineral zinc oxide, are better for the environment and better for our bodies.

Materials partnered with design, and a full coverage lining unique to us,  Huha is doing something different in women’s intimates.

We like to think we’re setting a new standard.

One of self-love and self-care.

Hi, I’m Alexa, the founder of Huha.

I was born the youngest of 3 girls. My parents divorced when I was 2, so I grew up in a household largely dominated by women. I’m a scorpio moon. If you don’t follow astrology, that’s my way of saying I’m introspective, observant and feel intense emotions.

Childhood for me was full of idolizing my sisters. Watching them grow up, start wearing makeup, buying their first push-up bras. Soon I found myself doing the same.

I started writing at 14. It was my first true love. I followed that and by 23, found myself travelling alone with writing paying the way. Budapest is where I spent a special duration of time. I got 23 tattooed on my wrist to remind myself of the lessons learned.

Huha is not my first business and I’ve had many failures along my journey.

” Huha represents my return to myself. A reawakening in pursuing my dreams. A business that is both successful and does good in the world, helping women accept and love themselves for the natural beauties they are.”

Alexa Suter, Founder


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