Designed out of sheer frustration and a desperate need for convenience! Atrac (short for “attraction” because of the highest quality magnets used inside of these accessory holders) is one of those essentials you will buy and wonder “How did I ever live without this?” ATRAC is almost like a snap bracelet but with magnets that you can “slap” or “wrap” around your purse/backpack strap without losing them. They stay in place! They also hang from your wrist or gym pants! You can even hang it from your bathing suit bottoms! The magnets are that strong and secure. ATRAC is designed to keep your keys and or cellphone right where they are supposed to be so you don’t have to spend minutes rummaging through your purse digging for your keys while your children are throwing tantrums at the grocery store. At least, that is how the founder came up with the idea. She could not take one more tantrum in public while she emptied out her purse digging for her keys to put her daughter into the car and leave the store without more mortification. The patent-pending strap is high quality vegan leather and made to look like a luxurious accessory for any activity in your life. 


“Now that traveling is a thing again ( at least for me), this incredible little gem will save me from losing my most important docs! Form meets function with each super stylish design choice!

Not to mention the durable quality attributed to every gorgeous detail! THIS is my new go-to bag”


The ATRAC brand provides convenience and ease to fit your lifestyle. We believe in multifunctional fashion inspired to simplify life. Designed to be modern, minimalistic, and slim. Our MAG STRAP keychains are Patent Pending.We have designed a Cell Phone Holder accessory, Slim Wallet and Lip Balm Holder to complete your fashionable attire. A modern touch to your everyday essentials, with game-changing magnetic solutions you never knew you needed.All of our products are assembled in the USA.

The beautiful, sleek black white and gray phone holder with wallet features a 3-Pocket faux leather phone holder, with a 2-pocket wallet. A simple essential for just about everything you could ever need to carry; phone, keys, ID, credit cards, passport and cash. 

The black white and gray phone holder with wallet from ATRAC has taken the world by storm! No matter where you’re headed, this beautiful, sleek phone holder is great for traveling, concerts, events and everyday use. With plenty of room for your phone and essentials, you can carry it all safely and comfortably with the over the top security clasp.


  • Faux leather
  • 5” wide x 7.25” high
  • Over the top security with heavy duty hardware
  • 2 side mounts for use with mag strap wristlet or mag strap mini (sold separately)


  • Great for events and concerts
  • Perfect size for traveling
  • Attaching to metal
  • Coffee dates
  • Night out and date night
  • Detachable wallet


  • Mag Strap Mini | Magnetic Bracelet Keychain
  • Mag Strap Wristlet | Magnetic Keychain Long Strap
  • Lip Balm Holder


We believe in something bigger than ourselves, that’s why we have made it our mission to give back. For every strap sold a portion goes to Mission Africa, an orphanage/school in Ghana. We believe children are our future, and investing in them will create a better tomorrow.


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