Bring a seafood meal restaurant style to your dinner table that is ready-to-cook in 5 minutes. This frozen Seafood Medley creates a multi-flavor filled dish for any couple to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. A palate pleasing dish that has Asian shrimp, Indian-wild-caught calamari, Argentine scallops, and Canadian Prince Edward Island blue mussels can bring out enough flavor.  

Add some pasta, pair it with a fine wine and voilà! You have yourself a dish you can eat year-round.  And it’s keto, paleo and Mediterranean diet-friendly too!


“In a matter of minutes, I was able to create this gourmet, delectable seafood pasta dish, that was not only healthy, but also fresh and flavorful! 


There will never be a time when I don’t keep a bag of Seafood Medley in my freezer!”


Since 1961

Harvest of the Sea has been a privately-owned company that is a national leader in premium seafood products. Our reputation and long-standing relationships are global, and we are best known for our quality, transparency and sustainability. Our culture is based on innovation and our ability to provide customized, value-added solutions whether a retail or wholesale distributor, a food service entity or a meal kit company. We are proud that our sales team is made up of culinary experts who are passionate about seafood and creative in their approach at every level of product development, prep and delivery to your customers.

Our Legacy

For nearly 60 years, Harvest of the Sea has continued to be both a pioneer and a world leader in premium shrimp and seafood products. The core values of founder and fisherman Bill Shinbane continue to drive industry standards and set Harvest of the Sea apart from other seafood companies.

What began in 1961 as The Fisherman’s Outlet, a walk-up fish market, is today both an award-winning landmark restaurant and the cornerstone of Harvest of the Sea. Today, the Shinbane Family continues Bill’s legacy – leading the aquaculture industry not only with innovation but also with a goal of creating a socially responsible environment for those families who farm, harvest and process the seafood we provide to you year after year..

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Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance footprint has set many of the global standards that guide our industry today. That footprint reflects our long-standing system of best practices in which all of our seafood is required to be fully traceable to the source – audited not just by our own team at our in-house lab but also by a third party. Most important is that each package must meet our rigid criteria for accuracy and complete disclosure of every ingredient.

For our clients and their customers, this guarantees that all Harvest of the Sea products have undergone the very highest standards for quality, sanitation and safety at every step from purchase to processing to shipping and, finally, to production in our facilities.

From farm or boat-to-table we know when and where our seafood is sourced and harvested. Now all that is left is to enjoy a delicious meal!

Mark Shinbane


Charlie Molinelli

Vice President of Sales


Avito Moniz

Vice President of Quality Assurance

Research & Development


Scott West

Director of Sales – East

Corporate Executive Chef

Chris Perna Headshot.jpg

Chris Perna

Southeast Area Sales Manager

Region Chef


Ken Fryer

Corporate Research & Development Chef

Product Development Manager


Jim Wade

Director of Sales – West


Randall Wilson

Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Region Chef

Grant Wagemaker

Area Sales Manager – West

Regional Chef



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